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Lady Amanda Harlech for Barbour is our cosy and practical spirit animal...

Lady Amanda Harlech has high fashion caliber. She spent the nineties working with John Galliano and then upped sticks to Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel in 1996 where she has been serving as a consultant and muse ever since. So intertwined with the Kaiser is Harlech, that she is curating a retrospective on his life and work in Bonn's Bundeskunsthalle museum next year.

And if you weren't yet convinced that Lady Harlech should be your new life icon, she splits her time between the glamour of Paris and a farmhouse in Shropshire. Marry those two parallel existences and of course the iconic Barbour label would snag her for their luxurious Gold Label collection. She's the creative consultant behind the brand's push into the fashion market and is bringing her years of experience and upper class vibe to the collection. We do love a dash of elegant equestrian chic. If you ever asked yourself where the perfect seasonal jacket lurked, look no further.

The Pirouette cape is a modern incarnation of the original wax riding capes the company marketed in the 1920s and our personal lust-have.


Lady Harlech brings a sexy femme edge to all the items with waist-cinching belts and fitted soft merino wool jumpers dotting the collection.

Also, how amazing would this wax blazer look in a Jilly Cooper adaptation reboot?

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