Atterley Road

Atterley Road was launched in 2012 to quiet acclaim. Founder Kate Starmer-Smith, ex-Jigsaw buyer and mother, started Atterley Road because she was frustrated with the landscape of online shopping. “Our customers are sophisticated, but time poor,” she has been quoted as saying, and it is on these facts she has built the foundations of the business. Before starting the site she asked women what brands their ideal boutique would stock and thus her retail empire got legs. With Ireland’s Jo Farrelly, who is responsible for the Whistles resurgence, on board as a Non-Executive Director and a funding round injection of £2 million earlier this month Atterley Road isn’t a flash in the online retailing pan.

What this online shop offers is high-end high street without the hassle of wading through dross alongside independent labels that are hard to source for the gal on the go. All the items are curated with an incisive eye for wearable cuts and affordable luxe. What really appeals about Atterley Road is its embrace of the real woman. Priced for the girl on a professional path who doesn’t want to worry her bank manager, the brands on offer are smart and a little bit different, but not too distracting, where daily elegance is the watchword. With the simplicity of Filippa K and British classic Whistles, these are stylish reliables for the working week as well understated pieces for Friday drinks.

Some of the continental labels we like to keep a open tab on include Belgium’s Essential Antwerp, Part Two and Des Petits Hauts – a cute French label that seems to only produce dreamy items that need to be accessorized, as a matter or urgency, with a pair of Just Ballerina flats.


To peruse Atterley Road click here.

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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