Alexa Chung's working from home outfits feature one classic staple

Alexa Chung is showing herself as the queen of working from home outfits and all of them are featuring one classic fashion staple

It's not just us who have to work at home, the celebrities must too.

And I would be lying if I said I haven't been fawning over their #WFH outfits.

One such celebrity is fashion designer and presenter Alexa Chung. Her effortless sense of style has placed her on the top of best-dressed lists for years. She was and still is the ultimate 'it girl' without even trying.


Ask any female who their ultimate fashion crush is and I would bet €50 that it is Alexa Chung.

#WFH style

While working from home, she has been sharing some of her outfits and for those of us who like to stalk social media, it is a blessing.

While partaking in my usual stalking slot one evening, I realised that there is one piece of sartorial goodness that Alexa has been sporting almost constantly.

A black cardigan.

I have waxed lyrical about my love of cardigans before, but to have this grá reiterated and supported by a true style aficionado was a special type of atonement.




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She wore her knitted vision with a silver mini skirt and again with a pair of jeans and black boots. Thus, demonstrating the versatility of a cardigan.


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The humble cardigan has experienced a renaissance of sorts in recent times and for the individual who prefers comfort, this rejuvenation could not have come at a better time.


The working from home trope has divided us. Some of us want to dress up, while others don't. Then there is this intense pressure to decide what side you are on. Unfortunately, in the end, you feel guilty either way.

Those who dress up feel they are projecting a false advertisement of isolation life, while those who don't feel like they are failing.

However, the cardigan is a happy medium.

It's casual but more formal than a sweatshirt. Plus, it's warm and comfy and is the outerwear equivalent of a big hug. Wear yours over a skirt or jeans like Alexa, or even your favourite tracksuit for ultimate comfort levels.

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