10 Chic High Street Spring Shoes To Put A Pep In Your Step

Yesterday was a cracker of a day. For the first time in a long time, it didn't feel as though we're trudging through the depths of winter; it felt like spring, in springtime. Imagine that? With the weather lifting our spirits and putting a pep in our step, our attention naturally turned towards our step, only to find that our feet have been buried in heavy boots since last autumn. We don't even remember what our toes look like. However, without wanting to jump the gun too soon, we'd still rather keep our tootsies under wraps; it's not that warm yet, let's not get ahead of ourselves. However, the current spring-like conditions certainly warrant a step away from the boots towards something lighter in both style and colour. Below we round up 10 high street must haves that you can shop online right now. From platform trainers to dainty little office-appropriate loafers, you'll soon have a pep in your step in more ways than one.

SEEK Cut-Out Slipper €40, Topshop SEEK Cut-Out Slipper €40, Topshop

Okay, so you don't want to get your toes out, but you can handle a sock-free experience right?

Cos lace up leather brogue €125 Cos lace up leather brogue €125

Technically you could still wear these during the darkest winter days but this style of brogue is always relevant, particularly at springtime, if you opt for a tapered leg trouser and wear those little hidden ankle socks.

KIMI Pointed Loafer €52 Topshop KIMI Pointed Loafer

?52 Topshop

Nothing makes us feel more powerful than a pointy shoe. Just us?

Zara embossed slipper €19.99 Zara embossed slipper €19.99

We love the slipper style of these babies from Zara.

Zara Metallic Flat Shoes With Brogue Detail 39.95 EUR Zara Metallic Flat Shoes With Brogue Detail
39.95 EUR

Be still our beating hearts; we still melt for metallics. Long may they last.

Platform trainers - 19.99 H&M Platform trainers
? 19.99 H&M

Platform trainers? Yes please. They go with everything.


Ballet pumps - 19.99 H&M Ballet pumps
? 19.99 H&M

You can never have too many pairs of ballet pumps.

ASOS MARLEY Suede Loafers €45.07 ASOS MARLEY Suede Loafers


Finally you can wear suede without the fear of a torrential downpour (shhhh, we're feeling optimistic, okay?)

image1xxl (1) ASOS LIGHTNING Studded Ballet Flats


Ooh, studs.

ASOS LAUNCH Studded Lace Up Ballet Flats<br /> €39.44 ASOS LAUNCH Studded Lace Up Ballet Flats


Who doesn't love a lace-up? These are feminine and fashion forward. Such a welcome change from chunky boots.

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