The Trailer For Saoirse Ronan's Brooklyn Is Here

Brooklyn, the movie adaptation of Colm Toib?n's bestselling novel that was a?go-to bookclub pick these past few years, has released a trailer that will get you a little teary-eyed, it's that schmaltzy and nostalgic.

The movie depicts Saoirse Ronan as Eilis Lacey, a young Irish woman in her twenties who moves moving to Brooklyn, New York during the 1950s. Ireland's economy isn't booming, while post-war America offers far more opportunities. Eilis leaves her homeland and family reluctantly, finding it difficult to settle in this new landscape until she meets an Italian-American Tony and begins a romantic relationship with him. Then, due to tragic circumstances, she's called home for a time and must make up her mind between the promise of her life in America and the pull she feels for her original community, where she has struck up a relationship with well-to-do-local Domhnall?Gleeson.

Nick Hornby is on scripting duties and the cinematography looks Oscars nomination worthy - never mind those costumes. It's pretty heartening to see an Irish movie being made on such a sumptuous scale and tackling an issue that seems to have plagued this island consistently. While the numbers of people emigrating in recent years peaked in 2013 with 89,000 people leaving the country, the 2014 figure of 81,900 is still a rather bitter pill in a country that has been boasting about recovery non-stop while the homelessness crisis has been steadily getting worse. Last month the Dublin Region Homeless Executive claimed over 1000 children were now homeless in the capital.


Have a watch of Brooklyn below. The movie is slated for a November release date.

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