Singer Imelda May Splits From Husband After 13 Years

This is one we weren't expecting. Singer Imelda May took to Facebook last night to announce some sad news. She and her husband of 13 years Darrel Higham, have decided to end their marriage.

?My husband Darrel and I have split up. As you can imagine we are very sad but happy we're making the right decision for us and our daughter who is doing really well by the way,? she said on Facebook.

She was quick to point out that the pair are still on very strong terms, and will be focusing on raising their young daughter, Violet, who was born in 2012.

?No matter what you hear and read my husband and I have the deepest love and respect for each other and are doing well. We are lucky to both have such amazing family and friends,? she continued.

Imelda first met Darrel in 1997 and we've always thought they were such a lovely couple. Remember when Imelda was just starting out, and the two of them would appear on The Late Late Show? The 41-year-old singer always gushed about him (and he her); it was so adorable, so we're genuinely sad about this.

Imelda May Imelda May performing with Darrel

However, it's lovely that they seem to be on good terms regardless of the split, and the singer's words about her former spouse are touching and lovely.

?As you know I hate to air my laundry in public and never do but thought I should put something on here to dispel any bad rumours,? she added.

Darrel has worked with Imelda on her music from the beginning (she admitted that many of her early songs in particular are all about him), so we wonder if this will also signify the end of their professional relationship? Either way, we hope the family are doing well.

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