Paul Walker's Daughter Sues Porsche For Her Father's ?Wrongful Death?

Nearly two years ago the actor Paul Walker was killed in a car accident that shocked movie fans the world over. The Fast and the Furious actor was the passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT when the car hit a pole and burst into flames, bringing the 40-year-old's and his driver's lives to an end

It was a sudden tragedy, occurring in the midst of the seventh Fast and the Furious movie. Walker's role had to be completed using CGI and Furious 7 went onto to break box office records. However, now Walker's death is news again. His daughter Meadow is suing Porsche for the wrongful death of her father.

According to court documents, the 16-year-old daughter and her lawyers are claiming that the car in question "lacked safety features...that could have prevented the accident or, at a minimum, allowed Paul Walker to survive the crash", reports E! News. This model of Porsche, the suit alleges, "had a history of instability and control issues" and the makers reportedly "failed to install its electronic stability control system, which is specifically designed to protect against the swerving actions inherent in hyper-sensitive vehicles of this type." There are also claims the seatbelt was not suitable for the model of the car and snapped some of Walker's bones before trapping him in a burning vehicle.

It's a very serious claim to make, especially considering the police investigation said the accident was a result of speeding. It is thought that the driver, Roger Rodas, was driving at 151 kmph in a 72kmph zone. However, Meadow's lawyer's claim that the car may have been driving at a much slower speed, like 100 to 114 kmph.


This isn't the first time Porsche's involvement in the accident has been called into question. The BBC reports that Rodas? widow filed a case last year, which Porsche refuted by saying the accident was the driver's fault and not in any way related to the carmaker's designs.

Via E! and BBC

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