FOX News Called Michelle Obama Fat

FOX News are basically the best at being the worst and it seems not a week goes by without them insulting a large swathe of the world population, with women and African Americans attracting their inexplicable ire the most.

Yesterday they really went way too far when they called Michelle Obama fat. While we're not shocked at the conservative network going after the First Lady, we're disgusted that any talk show panelist thought it was okay to try and diminish a woman with comments about her weight. On Tuesday's?Outnumbered Dr Keith Ablow - a psychiatrist would you believe? - made his comments during a discussion on Obama's mission to end childhood obesity and encourage healthy eating via school-lunch programmes. He said, ?How well could she be eating? She needs to drop a few. Let's be honest. We're taking nutrition advice from who? Well no, let's be honest, like there's no French fries happening. Like that's all kale and carrots. I don't buy it? She's up at night in the White House kitchen.?

Ablow went on to further endear himself when he said he'd rather take health advice from Barack Obama. The female panellists didn't acquit themselves on the soundness scale either with co-host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery saying ?I like her booty? in reference to the FLOTUS, a Princeton University and Harvard Law School graduate?whose amazing figure inspires workout programmes ? not that that matters at all.

The network has a history of sexist on-air gaffes with?an anchor recently calling a reality television star a slut during a broadcast.


Jeanne Sutton?@jeannedesutun

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