Dogs Be Crazy

Anyone paying attention over the weekend will know that the Crufts pedigree dog show, the most prestigious dog show in the world, was trending on Twitter and people seemed to be going fairly barmy over the whole affair. crufts2Images of dachsunds, poodles and other indescribable fluff balls were appearing everywhere. It's dogs! What do you expect. While dogs seem to be enjoying some sort of pheromone fueled love drive on the interwebs, this canine Renaissance is starting to trickle down to our actual engagement with our pets. cruftsRupert & Frank is a case in point. A new Irish luxury dog food brand that provides meals labeled Hypoallergenic, which contains no gluten or wheat, or Sensitive, meat free and rich in dandelion and yucca. If you thought this was a ludicrous fad think again - it's catching on and not even the €53 price tag can dissuade the love-drunk pet owner from splurging on man's best friend. rupertThe Rupert & Frank brand however does cater to particular breeds and digestive problems, with the added benefit of donating a percentage of every pack to a your charity of choice.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna


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