See Joan Rivers Portrayed By Daughter Melissa in Jennifer Lawrence Movie Joy

Melissa Rivers portrayal of her late mother Joan, is both spooky and scarily uncanny. The late comedian and TV personality will soon be back on our screens, through Melissa Rivers' portrayal of her mother in Jennifer Lawrence's new movie, Joy. An unimaginably difficult task for anybody who's lost a family member, Joan's daughter was cast to play her mother in David O'Russell's film during the time of her QVC hosting, when Jennifer's character Joy Mangano appeared on the popular shopping channel to promote the product that would change her life forever: the 'Miracle Mop'. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Melissa spoke of her experience playing her mom who passed away during throat surgery back in September 2014 and how she didn't realise, at the time of signing the contract, just how much of an emotional impact this would have on her.

"I can't watch myself especially like that, it was a crazy emotional risk."

It was Jennifer Lawrence who managed to put Melissa at ease, however. "[Jennifer] and I talked for a few minutes and she actually quoted back a couple of her favorite jokes of my mom's to me,"

Earlier this year, Melissa filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the clinic who were responsible for her mother's procedure, claiming that her death was '100% preventable'. Speaking at the time on Today, Melissa said of her decision to take legal action against the clinic, she asked of the clinic, rhetorically, 'How about paying attention to the vital signs? How about having a properly equipped crash cart?'


Melissa was also fueled by the rumours (later confirmed by photo evidence that Melissa couldn't bring herself to look at) that the medical staff were distracted, taking selfies with her mother while she lay unconscious, and photos of themselves at work. 'When it's error after error after error after error after behaviors that you cannot even begin to get your head around, you get mad.'

Watch her Entertainment Weekly interview below.

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