2 Unlimited Performing for the #90sPowerParty at Electric Picnic

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Are you relentlessly excited about Electric Ireland's #90sPowerParty at Electric Picnic? Well you should be. We managed to catch up with 2 Unlimited who are going to be performing their 90's hits on Friday night. We all love a bit of a 90's party, right? And what better place than at Electric Picnic...

You've done quite a few reunions and comebacks over the past years, how does it feel to perform together again?
We've been performing together again since 2009 and it is a lot of fun. That's our only reunion so far. We are really enjoying it and feel blessed that people still enjoy our music.

What made you want to come perform in Ireland for the Electric Picnic?
We love to perform in Ireland. And Electric Picnic sounds like a great place to be.

Has your music changed a lot since the 90s??
We perform all our nineties hits because that's what people love to hear.

Everyone is so hyped about the #90sPowerParty, why do you think tunes from the 90s are still such huge hits?
"Because it's high energy, positive music." We definitely agree with that, and honestly can't get enough of it. Don't we all go back to nineties hits when we need a boost of energy or some positive vibes? I know I do.

You've got something special planned for Electric Picnic, what should the festival goers be expecting from you?
Let's just surprise them!


What are your best memories from your career in the 90s?
Overall it was a great time. We loved travelling to all these countries and of course to Ireland. I remember gigs in Ireland used to be fabulous because the crowds always went wild.

What are your current favourite musicians?
Pharrell Williams, the Weekend and Axwell.

What would you most love to bring back from the beloved 90s?
I really do live in the here and now. I take this time as it is. Never live in the past.


for more information head to?www.electricpicnic.ie/2unlimited.

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