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Your Bridal Beauty Countdown

by Ellie Balfe
01st Mar 2017

Your Bridal Beauty Countdown

Wedding planning? This is the ultimate beauty checklist…

Congratulations! So you’re engaged, your plans are taking shape – the dress, the venue, the flowers, the maids. ?You’ve got a pretty clear timelime in your head about what needs to happen and when, but what about your beauty regime? When should you start getting things in order? Right about now honey, so here’s a rundown of what’s best to do to ensure you’re looking and feeling great when the day comes. Granted it’s an exhaustive (wish) list so depending on how much time and budget you have, you can cherry pick your beauty priorities. And remember, these bits are meant to be fun, don’t over think; consider them as beauty perks, rather than chores, are you’re all set.

12 months to go – Exercise
The first thing to get in order. For a myriad of reasons other than just getting in shape – it’s good for de-stressing and taking some time to oneself when things (inevitably) get a bit hectic. You can choose your level as long as it’s consistent. Take a 30 minute walk five times per week, join a Pilates or Yoga class for fitness with a dose of mindfulness or get a personal trainer and pump it up in the gym. Just remember to do what suits you; that way you’ll stick at it.

9 Months to go – Body treatments
CoolSculpt at Therapie Clinics is an FDA approved method of ?fat-freezing? that involves freezing any pockets of stubborn fat . After treatment, your body begins to break down fat cells, leaving you slimmer and leaner.
Icoone at Renew Clinic is a form of micro-stimulation for both body and face that helps with the appearance of cellulite and loose skin. It’s a painless system based on deep massage.
Lipomassage at River Medical is another treatment that French woman swear by to maintain their lithe physiques. So we’re listening to them.

8 months to go? – Face treatments
It’s time to up the ante. Visit a dermatologist for a series of microdermabrasion to help slough off the top layers of skin and reveal a fresher look. The JetPeel facials are also great; they pump a huge amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals on to your skin and the glow after just one is undeniable.
The Cr’me de La Mer series of facial treatments are designed specifically with brides in mind. The same goes for the SkinCeuticals facial system. Pampering and powerful – exactly what’s needed in a brides beauty prep!

7 months to go – Laser Hair removal

Pre wedding prep is the perfect excuse to book some Laser Hair Removal for once and for all. Suite 22 in the Blackrock Clinic houses medically trained experts with many years experience and with machines there of an exceptionally high grade, you need less treatments to finish the job. And don’t just stop at legs; underarms and bikini lines have great results. The job can take a few months to finish and may be best done in the winter months while things are under wraps but imagine – hair free honeymoon! And forever more. The stuff of dreams.

6 months to go – Teeth Whitening

Get those pearly whites, well, pearly white! Book an in-clinic laser whitening session to see an immediate and very impressive result. Zoom is the most common system and can be found in most dentists now. Once zapped, you can then choose to follow on with a take-home option of belaching gel and trays that are moulded and fitted specifically to you. Then you can go up a shade or two closer to the big day if you feel you need to. SO worth doing, you’ll never look back.

5 months to go – Beauty Trials

No doubt you’ve been pinning to your Pinterest board? for ages now. This is where the prep gets fun – you’ll see if those looks you’re swooning over will in fact suit. Ideally book in a hair trial early on the day you’re having your makeup trial done too – that way you see it all together. Tell your artist if you wan to try multiple looks too., just so you have time. If you’re planning on tanning, book a trial too. And nails?. You don’t want any non-beautiful beauty surprises on the day.

4 months to go – De-stress

If you feel the pressure building, as no doubt you will, (any countdown is anxiety making, right?), you will need to find ways to channel stress. You’ll find blessed relief from having a full body or scalp massage. Find someone with healing hands and run to them monthly for some headspace as they gently undo knots. It’s honestly one of the best things you can do for yourself and if you can do it up to the wedding and then beyond, you’ll never regret it.


3 months to go – Juice Detox

It seems the world is on a juice detox these days but there is method to this madness. Taking only quality juice offers a sort of digestive down-time to your overworked intestines. It cleanses, re-boots energy and deposits a meaningful amount of fresh nutrients to your system therefore re-energising and re-invigorating your body. Yes, it’s unusual not eating solids for three days, but once you break through the difficult first day, the benefits are tangible. Try The Punnet Health’s 3 or 5 day system for a well thought out, well balanced offering.

1 month to go – The Ultimate Face Treatment

Visit a dermatologist for a session of IPL and a glycolic peel. This tandem treatment uses IPL to jumpstart collagen production in the skin and help to lighten any pigmentation issue you may have. The glycolic peel has no down time whatsoever and is a superb way of freshening up skin. The two elements ensure a baby soft, clear complexion. You can also seek advice on botox or fillers prior to the big day should you be interested. We think the Mulroonay Clinic are among the best at combining these two in a natural looking way.

And then?

In the ?four weeks to go? bracket, just chill! Ramp up your de-stress activities, rub oil into your cuticles, apply some hair masks, use a good serum every night and sleep, sleep, sleep?

Then as the festivities begin to happen, enjoy them. The most beautiful bride is a happy one. No makeup, diet, or skin regime can feign that.

This article was originally published on August 2nd, 2014.