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Wearable Technology to Combat Stress

21st Jan 2015

If you’re up on your tech trends, you’ll know that wearable technology is about to become a huge part of our every day experience. Unless of course you refuse to get on board, clutching on to your old brick phone (with squidgy buttons), yearning for a simpler time (we hear ya). Wearable technology isn’t just useful in terms of measuring your heart rate, or measuring the number of steps you’ve taken per day. Now, we’ve learned, wearable technology will move into the area of mental wellbeing, with devices designed to help you keep track of your emotions and stress levels.

As daily stress is something that very very few of us can escape (unless you quite literally escape to the Himalayas), such advancements in technology will prove useful indeed. Red online bring our attention to the following wearable devices.

Where we used to have the bog standard mood ring, we will soon have the Moodmetric ring, a new emotion-tracking device that, as per their website,’measures the autonomous nervous system signals that can be used to understand emotional reactions and improve quality of life.?Sounds good right? They describe it as ‘Smart jewellery for emotional wellbeing’, serving a vital function of calming down your nervous system, soothing your mind and generally lifting your spirits.

Alongside this forthcoming ring, the Olive wristband provides you with ‘power to know your stress’ and ‘guidance to conquer it’. The good thing about this bad boy, is that it tailors a stress management programme based on your own unique reaction to stressors. Don’t forget, we all have different stressors and it affects us in different ways. Where one person will get a banging headache, another will feel tightness in their chest. The list goes on.?Olive analyzes your patterns and biological indicators. It continuously monitors the complexity of your stress behind the scenes to help you build awareness of your body’s stress response. It?gets to know how stress is triggered for you. How does it work? It’discreetly nudges you through gentle taps (haptic feedback) or LED lights on your wrist when it detects elevated stress levels, suggesting simple solutions to reverse the negative effects of stress. Prices start from $129.

Can we have them for our ankles too, please?