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‘Oh, dear God’ – and other thoughts on last night’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here

by Grace McGettigan
21st Nov 2019

I'm A Celeb Ant and Dec

I'm a celebrity Ant and Dec

Here are six thoughts I had during Wednesday night’s I’m A Celeb

Now in its nineteenth series, ITV’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here has once again gripped hundreds of thousands of viewers. But, four days into jungle life, the 10 famous campmates are beginning to show signs of tension.

Ian Wright is getting on my nerves

Former Arsenal footballer, Ian Wright is seriously starting to grind my gears. In last night’s episode, the 56-year-old put huge pressure on his campmates Adele Roberts and Roman Kemp ahead of their bushtucker trial. “Quitting is very hard to forgive,” he said, knowing full well that the challenge ahead would be the most difficult yet.

The trial, named ‘Just Desserts’, involved eating everything from a cow’s udder to turkey testicles; the prize was dinner for the whole camp. The last thing Adele and Roman needed was their own teammate telling them that quitting is unforgivable.

Ian thinks only of his own stomach, not the mental wellbeing of his team. Now, that, dear reader, is unforgivable.

Power to Jacqueline, Andrew and Caitlyn

How great it was to see EastEnders’ star Jacqueline Jossa put Ian in his place. “I don’t think we should put pressure on them like that,” she said. “It doesn’t matter. If someone has a panic attack and can’t do it, I’ll eat rice and beans. I don’t care.”

She went on to say that, during her own bushtucker trial, “I was panicking so much and it didn’t make it better to have people going, ‘well if you don’t even try we’re going to have nothing’. In fact, it made it 10 times worse,” Jaqueline said.

At that, Irish comedian and fellow campmate Andrew Maxwell approached Jacqueline and apologised for putting any pressure on her in the previous task. “I didn’t mean to put pressure on you. I won’t do that again,” he said.

Last but not least, it was great to see Caitlyn Jenner continuing to show support for her team by saying, “Just do your best, because your best is good enough for us.” Aw.

Oh, dear God. I’m going to vomit

How? Just how did Adele and Roman manage to complete that trial? I almost dry-wretched just watching it on screen. The sound of the crunching. The squelching. It was absolutely gross. Fair play to them.

Kiosk Kev was not bantering

Poor Myles Stephenson and Kate Garraway did so well in their Dingo Dollar Challenge. They successfully moved all the pigeon eggs along the maze and back to the birdhouse (all the while wearing pigeon costumes). All they needed to claim their prize of chocolate eggs was for their team to answer one question correctly.

But the team did not answer it correctly.

How sad it was to see Kiosk Kev slam the shutter in their faces. “He’s bantering,” Myles said hopefully.

Nope, unfortunately not.

Put a sock in it, Ian

After complaining all day that he was hungry, and after telling the camp he wouldn’t forgive anyone who didn’t win any meals, Ian acted like a baby and refused to eat his dinner.

Andrew put it best, “the DRAMA”.

Yay, Kirk

As a devoted viewer of Coronation Street, I can’t describe just how excited I am to see Kirk (real name Andy Whyment) entering the jungle. I had heard rumours of it, but now it’s finally happening. He’ll be joined by actor Cliff Parisi from Call The Midwife. Before they join the original 10 campmates, the pair must first face a bushtucker trial.

Roll on Thursday night’s show, am I right?

Photo: ITV

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