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I’m A Celeb: 7 thoughts I had during Tuesday night’s show

by Grace McGettigan
20th Nov 2019

As 10 celebrities settle into life in the jungle, I’m settling into what’s bound to be an entertaining series. Here are seven thoughts I had during Tuesday night’s I’m A Celeb…

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here is my new TV obsession. It’s all I can think about, and when I’m not watching it, I’m searching the #ImACeleb hashtag on Twitter. Something about watching people who are so used to luxuries suddenly living without them makes for excellent entertainment. Tuesday night was no different.

Here are seven thoughts I had while watching Tuesday’s show.

Jacqueline Jossa is a question mark

Every year on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, there’s at least one contestant who gets on the public’s nerves. By the same token, there are some contestants you can’t help but love. For me, Jaqueline Jossa is currently somewhere in the middle.

The former EastEnders actress reminds me of myself a bit, in the sense that she means well but has a tendency to be a little… moany. Tuesday’s episode opened with the mother-of-two saying, “I stink, I’m hungry, this life is not for me,” and so on. You’d wonder why she volunteered to go into the jungle at all.

Still, I find her completely relatable. Jaqueline is in there to test herself. In episode one, she openly admitted that this competition is the first thing she’s ever done that’s just hers. Yes, it might be tougher than she expected but she’s battling on nonetheless.

On Tuesday, Jacqueline (or as Caitlyn Jenner calls her: Jackie), not only faced her biggest fear by wearing a helmet full of spiders, but she completed the task more quickly than all of her campmates. With 25 eight-legged critters crawling on her face, she conquered her fear, which is nothing short of remarkable.

Who’s laughing?

Ant and Dec are being their usual comedic selves this season (isn’t it great to have Ant back? No offence, Holly Willoughby). The award-winning duo have their act down to a T. Sarcasm here, banter there… but I can’t help but be distracted by the laughter coming from behind the camera. Who are these people? Crew members, an audience? I’d like a visual please, ITV.

Caitlyn Jenner is an almighty team player

I’m not exactly a fan of Caitlyn Jenner, but her team spirit is impressive. During Tuesday’s group ‘bushtucker’ trial, the 70-year-old could be heard shouting encouragement to her campmates. “That’s it, keep it going!” she said. “Alright, Ian, you got it!” Plus, I’m not sure if our Nadine Coyle would have survived Sunday’s skydive if it hadn’t been for Caitlyn’s calming reassurance.

Not only that, but Caitlyn has proven she will give 100% effort to any task set to her. “Alright, let’s see what we got here,” she said on Tuesday before snakes were plonked around her face. The Hollywood star was also the first of her team to get two-out-of-two stars, meaning two meals for the team.

Bushtucker trials aside, can we take a second to acknowledge that any 70-year-old who is willing to jump out of a plane and sleep on the jungle floor for two nights is worth applauding?

The rhythm is gonna get ya

On Tuesday night’s I’m A Celeb, viewers observed the transformative power of social interaction and, more notably, music.

Despite having critters dumped all over them, the yellow-wearing team from Snake Rock were positively beaming when they arrived at Main Camp because A) they had more people to talk to and B) they all started to sing and create makeshift music.

Myles Stephenson beatboxed, Jacqueline Joss danced, Andrew Maxwell made didgeridoo sounds and the entire camp roared laughing. Despite minimal food and home comforts, all they needed to cheer the mood was good, old fashioned company.

What. Is. That.

Possum. The team’s luxury dinner (the one they suffered through rats and spiders for) was possum. Immediate thoughts? ‘Oh dear, oh no. What is that?’ Its long tail. The bloodied meat…

I’m not a vegetarian but I think I might just become one.

Did Ant McPartlin just sing Rise and Shine?

Yes, yes he did.

As a lover of pop culture, few things bring me as much joy as two worlds colliding. Here we have I’m A Celeb meets Kylie Jenner.

Kylie (who is Caitlyn Jenner’s youngest daughter) recently went viral after sharing a video of herself singing ‘Rise and Shine’. The clip has since gone on to be edited into hundreds of funny memes.

The fact the Ant McPartlin strolled into camp, singing it to Kylie’s dad is the pop culture merger I didn’t know I needed.

Where’s Nadine?

There’s not nearly enough Nadine Coyle scenes in this episode.

If you are also feeling Nadine-deficient, have a look at some of her best TV moments here.

Photo: ITV

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