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Next Week’s Angela

by Bill O'Sullivan
10th Feb 2014

Angela Scanlon

Often described as Ireland’s ‘most stylish fashion export’, Angela Scanlon also embodies a lot of our native charm with a particular brand of humour and chutzpah we are proud to call our own. And it did not go unnoticed. RTE’s brand new comedy chat show Next Week’s News sees Angela giving her best. We imposed upon the style supremo’s busy schedule to shoot the breeze ahead of her new project, and to find out what 2014 has in store for this unstoppable fire-brand…

Since you’re getting married this year, will Valentine’s Day be an extra special occasion this week? I’ll be in London in the thick of fashion week working, and my other half will be in Japan working, so maybe we’ll have a very romantic Skype conversation. We did Valentines Day on Saturday – dinner in The Mulberry Garden (Donnybrook) which is one of my favourite restaurants – very intimate, unpretentious, with fantastic food and those cocktails!

Next Week’s News – it’s a comedy chat show. You’d generally be associated with fashion, so has it been different to be working on something where your chief responsability is to be funny, or is that where your work has been going anyway??I’ve done The Movie Show and a few other bits, but Oi Ginger?the documentary I did last year, was my first real move away from fashion, and I’m doing more of that this year. The prospect of Next Weeks News terrified the crap out of me and that’s generally when I know it’s the right gig! I wouldn’t say my chief responsibility is to be funny – there are four comedians there to do that and they’re all on form so I’ll have no worries! It’s more of a conversation for me and if I get a laugh even better.

What kind of show is it going to be, what can we expect? Let’s just say there’s a cameo from a certain beloved country and western singer, a “hairy cake” and general madness that I hope you never see but some of which I’m sure you will. It was brilliant working with the lads. I’m a huge fan of Bernard, PJ’s Naked Camera is one of my all time favourite shows and Neil Delamere is a bloody joke machine. Then there’s new kid on the block, Al Porter who had me in stitches for two days, mostly over his choice of tie. No seriously, he’s a scream!??

A SS 14 collection you’re particularly lusting after at the moment? Danielle Romeril has done beautiful dresses and separates for SS14. It reminds me of Chris Kane but in a more whimsical, feminine way. Simone Rocha’s dresses, which I had the pleasure of wearing while hosting red carpet stuff for the British Fashion Awards, and Stella McCartney, who I adore.

NYFW – will you be going and what shows are you excited about? I was due to be going but work has meant that I can’t, but I’ll be there in spirit. The only thing I’m interested in from NY is the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. My mate Katie Hillier has taken the reigns as creative director and brought Luella Bartley on board, so as a team I think they’re going to create something very special…

Your favourite item of clothing that you simply want to wear all the time? Mom jeans. Not big or clever but comfy as hell.

Your star is on the ascent, 2013 was really your year. What does that mean for 2014? What do you want to focus your attention on? More of the same on both sides of the water I hope, that’s the plan. Loose but big! I’ve been commissioned to do some more documentaries so as soon as I finish hosting London Fashion Weekend I’ll be straight into that and hopefully I’ll be asked back to Next Week’s News, when they come back for the inevitable second run! Plus, I’m getting married and still don’t have a dress, so that should be interesting…

Tune of the moment? Villagers “Occupy Your Mind”.

Catch Angela on BBC Radio 1 where she will be covering fashion week…

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna