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Kristen Stewart On Life, Love And Having Bad Days

by Jennifer McShane
13th Sep 2015

When she’s not busy taking down sexism and being recognised as one of the most critically acclaimed actresses of her generation, Kristen Stewart gets real and tells it as it is. She’s unafraid to be herself?and despite her success, is still instantly relatable. She’s bruised from her much-publicised love with Twilight co-star Robert Patterson and isn’t afraid to shut down the idea of celebrity perfectionism – yes, she has bad days, just like the rest of us. For all these reasons and more, we have an unyielding love for Stewart.

In a revealing interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stewart spoke candidly about subjects that for many actresses under as large a microscope as she, might have been tricky, but Stewart exudes a wisdom far beyond her years and speaks with ease and maturity.?Her interview revealed many enlightening tidbits that only cement our respect for this ridiculously talented young woman.

On how her first love (we guess Robert Pattinson) inspired her character, Nia, in her new sci-fi epic, Equals:

“One of the reasons I was so intimidated by this movie is because I was like, ‘This is gonna hurt. I don’t want to think about all that.’ It’s good, it’s cathartic, it’s worth it. I feel good now on the other side of it. But at first I was like ‘Oh God.’ Obviously, [co-star] Nick (Hoult) and I are 25. We made the movie nearly a year ago. We’re still very close to our first loves. It’s definitely something that we both know so well,” revealed Stewart. “It was a painful movie to make in every way,” she said.

You can criticise each character for being weak because they give it all up for a man. But I think that that is the most f?ing courageous thing you can do. There’s nothing weak about being subject to something.

She also said that she knows all about those bad days and having to put on a particular front, even if she doesn’t want to. “Anybody who’s had a bad day or maybe like is just PMS-ing or just feeling too much on a certain day where you have to go and show face, I’ve had to do that a lot, an exceptional amount,” she continued. “I know that feeling and that is so familiar to me to feel something so hard and have to go into work and say ‘Good Morning,’ and not show emotions.”

Stewart’s Twilight character Bella was criticised for giving up much of herself for a male (her Equals character does something similar), but Stewart said that this only made her respect them more. “You can criticise each character for being weak because they give it all up for a man. But I think that that is the most f?ing courageous thing you can do. There’s nothing weak about being subject to something. In fact, in order to open yourself up and let all of your guards down and just give yourself to something fully, no matter what anyone else thinks, whether they think it’s the right thing for you or not, I just love that. I just f?ing love that.”

And before all the anti-feminist labelling starts, she isn’t saying that all women should aspire to do this, rather commenting on the fact that letting your guard down for another is a scary and brave thing to do, which it is.

As for celebrity culture, K-Stew calls it “weird and bizarre,” and adds that it’s “ridiculously grey.” And her thoughts on romance? “I think maybe the key to having a long relationship is really appreciating that person’s life and not trying to own it. It’s like just stop trying.” Hear, hear.

Via The Hollywood Reporter