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Here’s a ready-made table quiz to tackle with your lockdown bubble

by Lauren Heskin
21st Oct 2020

Yep, quizzes are back. Get competitive with this ready-to-go family table quiz that got a seal of approval from one of our own.

It’s day one. Have the delights of Netflix already waned? Jigsaw puzzles are sitting complete on the coffee table and playing cards scatter the floor from the last family argument over Go Fish (“I just asked you for Queens!”).

If you fancy really turning up the competition a notch why not establish a family table quiz with five rounds of questions that’ll definitely get everyone talking. I know, because this is the table quiz I gave my family over the Easter weekend. Rest assured, we’re all still talking to one another.

It contains five rounds of ten questions, two of general knowledge, one sport, one music and one history and geography round. Fancy a go? You don’t all have to be together, we all video called in and went at our own pace.

You can play as one big team, as individuals or on teams of two. Read the questions out and when you’re ready for the answers, click the link at the bottom of each round, this means you can partake too (no cheating!).

Right, everyone ready? Phones away and here we go…

Round One – General Knowledge

  1. How many Galway tribes were there?
  2. The Den launched on RTE in 1986, but who was its first host?
  3. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” is a famous quote from which 1974 film?
  4. How many feet in a fathom?
  5. What country’s flag is almost the same as Ireland’s, but the colours are in reverse order?
  6. What bird is the logo of Penguin Random House’s children’s books division?
  7. Name the 2006 film directed by Martin Scorsese that was adapted from a 2002 Hong Kong thriller called Internal Affairs?
  8. Vanilla flavouring is derived from which flower?
  9. Riddle: What goes up and down the stairs but never moves?
  10. Name the human organ that produces insulin?


Round Two – Music

  1. Name the singer/songwriter who passed away in March and wrote the songs “Ain’t No Sunshine” and “Lean on Me”?
  2. Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was released in 1974, but can you name one of the four singles released from it?
  3. From what country does singer Paolo Nutini hail from?
  4. Can you name the Irish blues musician, who performed with the band Taste before having a successful solo career until his death in 1995?
  5. Who originally wrote “Make You Feel My Love” in 1997, which was later recorded by artists including Billy Joel and Adele?
  6. “Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise” are the opening lyrics to what song?
  7. What is Enimem’s real name?
  8. Room for Improvement was the 2007 debut album of which Canadian artist?
  9. Name the band who released the 2006 song “She Moves in Her Own Way”?
  10. Can you name the singer best known for the song “Stay With Me”, who also won an Oscar for Best Song in 2015.


Round Three – Sport

  1. What city will host the 2024 Olympic summer games?
  2. Michael Jordan played in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls and what other team?
  3. Who famously beat Eusebio Pedroza of Panama in 1985 to become world champion?
  4. Which of these countries has only won the FIFA world cup once? Argentina, Spain, Italy or Uruguay?
  5. From what seaside Antrim town does Greame McDowell hail from?
  6. Brian O’Driscoll played his last game of international rugby on March 14, 2014, in which Ireland won the Six Nations title. But who were they playing?
  7. Neymar’s €220 million move to Paris Saint-Germain was the most expensive association football transfer in history. But what French forward is second on the list with a €180 million transfer.
  8. In what weight division did Katie Taylor win her 2012 Olympic gold medal?
  9. What golfer holds the record for the largest of victory in a major championship with 15 strokes?
  10. Can you name the British sportsman who won gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Summer Games between 1984 and 2000?


Okay, from here it’s time to take a break, everyone can make a dash to the loo, refill on drinks, debate answers etc. When you’re all nicely settled, and more importantly have your answers locked in, we’ll give the answers to the first three rounds…

Round One – General Knowledge ANSWERS

Round Two – Music ANSWERS

Round Three – Sport ANSWERS


Round Four – History & Geography

  1. Who was the first president of Ireland?
  2. What country in Europe has the biggest population?
  3. What is the third largest county in Ireland?
  4. What number Apollo mission allowed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to walk on the moon?
  5. Which of these specify a location’s distance north or south of the equator (as opposed to East or West) – longitude or latitude?
  6. Who was the first woman to ever be elected to the British House of Commons in 1918?
  7. In which country would you find the ruins of Machu Picchu?
  8. Can you name the Irish politician and leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party who led the campaign for Home Rule?
  9. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from the people of which country?
  10. In what Irish city would you find Napoleon’s nose, said to have inspired Jonathan Swift’s tied-down giant in his novel Gulliver’s Travels?


Round Five – General Knowledge

  1. Hamlet and Macbeth are plays by William Shakespeare, but can you name a third Shakespearean play whose title is one word?
  2. Name the actress who won an Oscar for her performance as a grieving mother in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri?
  3. Ireland has famously won the Eurovision Song Contest 7 times, but can you name the year we last won it?
  4. How many Emirates are there in the United Arab Emirates?
  5. What type of creature lives in an apiary?
  6. In which European city is the World Health Organisation based?
  7. “The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there” is the opening line of what 1953 novel?
  8. In which London embassy did Julian Assange spend seven years in asylum before being arrested in 2019?
  9. AOC is the abbreviated name of which US Congress woman?
  10. Name the Bond film in which Pierce Brosnan first starred as James Bond.


Okay, ready for some answers?

Round Three – History & Geography ANSWERS

Round Four – General Knowledge ANSWERS

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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