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Alternative wedding presents when you don’t want to just give cash

by Grace McGettigan
30th Apr 2019

Being a wedding guest is stressful sometimes. Every year, we face the age-old predicament of, ‘what do I give as a wedding present?’

Traditionally, a luxury cutlery set would suffice. Nowadays, cash is almost essential. This money-giving culture contributes to stress for guests; some of whom don’t have the budgets to match gift expectations. It can also contribute to guilt among brides and grooms; some of whom don’t want to receive cash in the first place. People differ and tastes vary. You’ll be glad to hear that, finally, there’s a way to make everyone happy.

The Wedding Shop

The Wedding Shop gives Irish couples an opportunity to create a bespoke wedding shopping list. This can include homeware items, books, cash contributions, charity donations, holidays and more; all ranging in price from a few euro to thousands. The Wedding Shop will make this list available to each of your wedding guests; meaning whatever their budget, each guest can be happy in the knowledge they’ve given you something you actually want.

“We can provide you with small notification cards that discreetly advise your guests where you have placed your wedding list,” their website reads. “Alternatively, we can provide you with a personal link that will direct your guests to your wedding list. You can also share your unique URL via your own social media platforms.” No wasting money, no uncertainty, and best of all: it’s completely guilt and hassle-free.

The Wedding Shop

Creating a list is easy; couples can do it online or in-store at one of The Wedding Shop showrooms. Here, friendly advisors are happy to assist in tailor-making your list; ensuring your items are personal and perfect for you. Whether you choose to make use of their expertise or decide to go it alone at home, creating a wedding list is exciting and fun (especially when you reach the ‘experiences’ section).

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Choose from a Wimbledon guided tennis tour and a Michelin star lunch for two; or a luxury villa retreat with horse riding at sunset. Alternatively, browse through a catalogue of homewares and appliances. Select the Dyson humidifier you’ve always wanted; a polaroid camera for your honeymoon; his & hers bathrobes, or Egyptian cotton bed linen.

The Wedding Shop

Financial contributions: to the couple or to charity

Some couples request their wedding guests contribute a small amount towards their honeymoon fund, while others ask for vouchers to put towards a new sofa or fridge. In some cases, couples insist they don’t want gifts at all, but would like a donation made on their behalf to charity.

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“We have many of the country’s most popular charities on our website, but if there is a charity that is particularly close to you, just let your advisor know and we will contact them to set up the account,” The Wedding Shop explains. “It is incredibly important to us that the full balance in your charity fund is donated to the charity of choice and so after the wedding, we will make the transfer on your behalf along with a personal message from you. The charity will also benefit from the Gift Aid scheme, therefore increasing the amount of the donation.”

The Wedding Shop

A useful tool for gift ideas

Even if the newlyweds haven’t registered for gifts, the website is a useful tool for guests to browse for present ideas. Explore the range of wedding gifts on offer while considering the couple’s tastes and interests.

Perhaps they’ve recently moved house and need new furniture. Maybe they adopted a dog and would like some squeaky toys and dog bowls. Or, if they’re parents who haven’t been on holiday without the kids in ages, why not gift them a voucher towards flights and accommodation.

Allow yourself plenty of time to shop and/or save, and always stay within your own budget. As long as the wedding present is personal, everything else will fall into place.

Photo: Pexels

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