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Could this brand be the replacement to The Ordinary?

by Hannah Hillyer
16th Oct 2018

Given the controversy surrounding cult skincare brand The Ordinary over the past few weeks, skincare enthusiasts may be worried about their budget skincare options. Although it does seem that the company is back up and running, with stores re-opening this week, there is still some uncertainty about the future of the brand. So it would be nice to have a back-up right? Look no further than the latest budget skincare brand which will rival even DECIEM’s prices.

So what do you need to know about the brand?

Introducing The Inkey List. The Inkey List is similar to The Ordinary not just in its price range but also in that it is owned by a larger company that has multiple brands. The Ordinary can be confusing in its product names, and in terms of where and how you integrate their products into your routine. The Inkey List is has no off-putting jargon and products are simply named after their ingredients whilst also stating what it is (ie. moisturiser/serum).

The Inkey list offer stripped back ingredients in clean, monochrome packaging, created by a team of scientists. All the products are based around 15 key ingredients including collagen, rosehip oil, turmeric and hyaluronic acid, all of high grade and quality. If you find yourself confused with all the ingredients and products their website has a Beauty Translator which aims to explain any questions you may have, they have 850 answered so far, so any answers you need are bound to be there.

What should you buy?

Hero buys from the range are their Vitamin C Serum which is fantastic for brightening the complexion as well has helping to fight signs of ageing. The L-ascorbic acid in Vitamin C is the active ingredient, however it is highly water soluble. For it to be effective it needs to be present in a stable formula, in this case one without water. At such a low price point, The Inkey List offer just that, and it’s an affordable way to introduce it into your routine.

If you’re in need of some hydration they have a great selection of some of our favourite ingredients like rosehip, hyaluronic and squalane. Or, if you’re looking for an acid they offer a glycolic, alpha-hydroxy, and lactic. For now we’ll be stocking up on Vitamin C and perhaps trying their Retinol to get skin ready for the onslaught of cold weather.

Where can you buy?

Although not available in Irish stores yet, you can buy the range online. There are loads of options here, their own website (where everything seems to be out of stock at the moment), Feel Unique and ASOS have a selection. Prices range from €7-€13.