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Bedroom bits under €50 that’ll have you ready for bedtime

by Penny Warnock
24th Oct 2019

A cosy bedroom means a better nights sleep, right? Give your space some much needed TLC with these bedroom bits that won’t break the bank.

I find that my bedroom is a representation of my own mental wellbeing. When I have a nice, tidy room, I feel grounded and content, sleeping well and have a productive morning. On the flip side, a disorganised or dishevelled bedroom is often reflective of my gloomy mood, not wanting to tidy and generally struggling to establish a routine. This feeling inevitably feeds into itself as poor sleep means low endorphins levels and a lethargic mode.

However, there are a couple of things you can do to remedy the situation. For starters, tidy your room, even just putting a few items away will help clear your mind. Perhaps moving some furniture around will help get you out of your funk and inspire you to move through your space differently.

If that still doesn’t help, we’ve compiled a selection of bedroom bits that will not only give you and your room a little winter refresh, but won’t leave you penniless either.

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Satisfy the senses

Surround yourself with soft furnishings and comforting textures to feel cosy and warm on the chilly winter evenings.

Knitted blanket with fringes, €49.99, H&M Home


Huggable alpaca heating pad, 25, Urban Outfitters

Tip: Love textures? Compare and contrast different throws and cushions in the same colour palette for some subtle layering.


Paloma pink knitted cushion, around 25, Habitat

Fill your space satisfying aromas that make you feel content. I like lavender for bedtime as it can boost moods, promote feelings of calm and even help mild pain relief.

Soy candle – Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme & Mint, €15.95, The Handmade Soap Co.

A cleverly lit bedroom is key for healthy living and sleeping. Lamps and layered lighting are super important for creating atmosphere and therefore help filter you towards an easier sleep.

LED lamp with metal base, €22.99, Zara home

Whether you want to be alone to cry, sing, meditate or dance, it’s important to tailor your space to your taste. Fill your room with prints and artwork from your favourite artists.

Mermaid by Mark Conlan, from €20.00, Jam Art Prints

Organise yourself

Decluttering is a great way to ensure your bedroom is kept tidy. These stackable storage boxes are ideal for hiding all your bedroom bits and are available in a range of colours to suit any bedroom decor.

Colour crate, from €6.00, Hay

There really is nothing nicer than coming home after a long day to a nice, tidy bedroom. Whether you’re dancing around to cringe music or making it the site of a weekend-long Netflix marathon, your bedroom should be your own personal utopia tailored to make you feel uplifted and content. Upon entry you should hear yourself breathe a huge sigh of relief, you’re finally home.

Featured Image: Yasmine Boheas via unsplash.com

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