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9 vintage room dividers you can buy on Etsy

by Erin Lindsay
12th May 2020

Etsy is a treasure trove of vintage gems, and it’s a fabulous place to find the furniture your room is missing

We’ve all become interiors experts since the lockdown began. Painting, sprucing, building and taking apart, we’re all doing everything we can to transform the areas we live in, before we don’t have the time anymore.

If you’re looking to maximise a small space, putting another piece of furniture in it doesn’t sound like the best solution, but it can actually really transform a room. If you have an open living area, using a room divider or screen can help to create seperate spaces for different activities, and divide the room in a chic way.

Room dividers can be pretty plain from the usual furniture shops, but if you go vintage, there are so many beautiful options to choose from. Granted, you’ll be spending a little more depending on what you go for, but the character and story it adds to your home will be worth it.

Etsy is always my go-to for vintage finds, and there are loads of gorgeous options out there for antique furnishings. Spend a while browsing, and see if you find any gems.

Note: prices do not include any delivery charges

IMAGE loves….

Mid Century room divider, €764.79, available from CheekyVintageCloset on Etsy


Doillon William Morris wallpaper handmade wooden folding screen room divider, €538.34, available from AMflorence


Antique indian papier mache room divider, €1,009.14 available from BabaArtAndCraft


Vintage reversible carved wood Chinese room divider, €2,501.20 available from FloridaModern on Etsy


Antique carved oak folding screen, €293.10 available from GrumblaLane on Etsy


Wooden 4 panel screen, €576.24 available from IndianArtEmporium on Etsy


Vintage folding screen (restored and painted with geometric design), €499 available from SrtaOlivera


Mid Century Asian room divider from Smithsonian Collection, €952.38 available from OffCenterModern on Etsy

Orient vintage wooden screen room divider, €590 available from KabulGallery on Etsy


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