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5 dance routines to learn to mix up your at-home fitness

by Erin Lindsay
07th Apr 2020

You’ve probably been dying to try out all those TikTok dances you’ve been scrolling through this week — here’s your chance

If the internet is anything to go by, people have really been investing in their dance careers over this isolation period. TikToks and YouTube videos have been cropping up endlessly, of both amateur and professional attempts to kill some time and boredom by having a great dance to themselves in their kitchens.

If you’ve been waiting for a new way to keep fit to come along that doesn’t add to your already mountainous boredom, dancing is great. It’s fun, it’s very versatile, you can make it as easy or as hard as you like, and you’ll hardly feel the time go by (until your ankles and thighs start to burn, that is).

Whether you’re a TikTok queen or a good old-fashioned YouTube lover, there is a dance routine to suit you (and how much time you have to learn).



@jalaiahharmonLike we hit the lottery ??? @addisonre @charlidamelio? original sound – _.xoxlaii

The most popular (and probably the most difficult) TikTok routine is the Renegade. There is a different, easier version doing the rounds on TikTok but the original, as seen above by 14-year-old Jalaiah Harmon (who created the routine) is always the best.

Single Ladies routine

The dance that so many of us have tried (and probably failed) to recreate on a night out can become part of your repertoire with this instructional video. Choreographer Ezinne Asinugo breaks down the iconic routine slowly, but be warned, it does take a lot of practice.

Blinding Lights Challenge


@the.mcfarlandsYou asked for it… Here it is ? ##blindinglightschallenge ##blindinglights ##happyathome? Blinding Lights – The Weeknd

This is a really easy and quick routine to learn but it’s a brilliant way to get everyone in the house involved, and is hilarious to look back on. My personal favourite version (above) is by the McFarland family in Kentucky, where the dad is the star of the show, but any family with any number of participants can get involved. Make sure to keep the outtakes.

7 Rings

If Ariana Grande is more your style than Beyoncé, this fun workout by choreographer Caleb Marshall is suitable for a lot of different fitness levels. It’s relatively easy to learn, but if you want to go harder, Marshall has plenty of other videos on his channel to try this week.


So popular, even Courtney Cox has given it a go (and given us the comic relief of funny filters too). Savage is another TikTok sensation doing the rounds, and while it’s simple enough to learn the steps, it’s all about the attitude with this one.

Nina Dobrev and Les Mills

Actress Nina Dobrev collaborated with Reebok and the Les Mills team on this BodyJam workout, and it’s a great way to get the blood (and sweat) pumping for your exercise routine. This is definitely intense and calorie burning, but if it feels too much at first, the beauty of home workouts is that you can take breaks and make steps easier as you go.

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