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34 Beyonc? Facts For Her 34th Birthday

by Jeanne Sutton
04th Sep 2015

beyonce holding baby

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Dear anyone who thought today was a normal Friday, bow down your head in shame. September 4th is Beyonc? day, the anniversary of the singer’s birth and God’s decision to grace us with the recording artist of the century. Yes, this millennium?is young, but our solar plexus knows this is one of those rare occurrences. Beyonc? is a musical comet, and we are lucky to be alive while she is making all the music. Praise Queen Bey.

In honour of the woman whose songs have soothed many a menstrual cramp, we have decided to reflect upon her existence, with this digestible list of Mastermind topic facts.

  1. Beyonc? was born September 4th
  2. Her full name? Beyonc? Giselle Knowles.
  3. She’s a Texan gal born and raised in Houston, Texas.
  4. From an early age she was showcasing a beautiful voice. She was beating teens at talent competitions when she was a mere seven-years-old. Her song of choice: John Lennon’s Imagine.
  5. Her voice is classified as mezzo-soprano.beyonce
  6. She landed a record deal with the band Destiny’s Chile in 1997 with Columbia Records.
  7. Her first number one was Bills, Bills, Bills with the R&B group.
  8. Her debut solo album, Dangerously in Love, has sold 11 million copies worldwide since its 2003 release.
  9. That album won five Grammy Awards.
  10. Beyonc? is actually the proud owner of 20 Grammy Awards- the second most honoured female in Grammys history.
  11. In 2010 she won six Grammy Awards in one night – a record which Adele matched in 2012.
  12. And to boot, she’s the most nominated woman in the award’s history with 52 nods. Talk about Sasha Fierce.
  13. Her time with Destiny’s Child ended in 2005, a year after the release of the band’s last album, Destiny Fulfilled.
  14. The next year she released her second album, B?Day.beyonc?
  15. She’s the second most followed person on Instagram with 44.7 million followers. Kim Kardashian recently overtook her lead.
  16. She’s an occasional actress and counts Goldmember and Dreamgirls among her forays into film.
  17. She was nominated for an Oscar for Best Song for Listen in Dreamgirls.
  18. She married Jay-Z in 2008 at a private ceremony in New York. She frequently collaborates with her husband.
  19. I am?Sasha Fierce came out in 2008 and her immortality was guaranteed with the song Single Ladies.
  20. That hit single inspired this SNL skit.giphy (16)
  21. She performed at Barack Obama’s inaugural ball, covering Etta James? iconic At Last.
  22. Her fifth studio album, self-titled Beyonc?, was a surprise release in December 2013 and was one of the most secretive productions in modern music history.
  23. Beyonc?‘s zero marketing plan inspired a university course.
  24. She’s not just a singer. Beyonc? dabbles in fashion lines, fragrance and acts as a brand ambassador for some major fashion houses. She has a fitness line with Topshop slated for release this Autumn.giphy (18)
  25. She’s not a stranger to controversy. She was subject to justified criticism when it was revealed she performed a private concert for Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, now deceased, on New Year’s Eve 2010.
  26. Beyonc? later made amends and donated her fee to a charity that helped the people of Haiti after their devastating earthquake.
  27. She has publicly fallen out with her father and dropped him as her manager in March 2011.
  28. Her 2013 Super Bowl performance was incredible. Fact.
  29. She became a mother in 2012, when she gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter.
  30. She announced her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV VMAs at the end of Love on Top performance.
  31. She had a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with her daughter.
  32. Some more controversy: the married couple rented out the floor of a New York hospital to welcome Blue Ivy to the world.
  33. She runs a social enterprise with her mother Tina that offers those struggling with addiction problems a chance to take a training course in cosmetology.
  34. She records all her interviews, just in case she’s misquoted. Do not mess with Queen Bey.

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