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10 Little Things….

by Melanie Morris
16th Apr 2016

My friend Karen Geraghty (@blissbakery) has a great thread that runs on Snapchat on Thursdays, called ?Tell the Truth Thursday?, or more correctly #tellthetruththursday. Yikes, so where would you start?

There are so many little-known facts about all of us that while aren’t ground-breakingly interesting, tell more about us than the usual things we whitter on about or put up on social media. So, in a monster cleansing process, here are my top ten.

1. I’m scared of snakes. So scared that the sight of one is possibly the only thing that will absolutely silence me and root me to the spot. I have to leave nightclubs that have dancing girls with snakes in them, and the reptile house of the zoo would probably render me doubly incontinent.

2. My car tax is out of date by 15 months. But please, don’t tell anyone*.

3. I hate lists. Everyone else loves them, but if I write something down, I instantly forget about it. My phone is full of memos and notes that have never seen the light of day once the information has been consigned. So, if you want to get real productivity out of me, just leave me alone for an hour or two, with my thoughts, my laptop, and my phone, and I’ll get through whatever list is in my head with ease. Write it down and put it in front of me, and I’ll be immediately distracted.

4. I can’t stand bad manners. It’s actually my ultimate deal-breaker in life (that, and stinginess, but I think they stem from the same thing). It costs absolutely nothing to consider and respect your fellow human being, so why not do so? It makes the world a much better place to inhabit.

5. Stemming from this, and contrary to what may outwardly appear, I’m not massively interested in having a one-way ?chat? with you, where I ask all the questions, and you do all the talking? unless I’m actually interviewing you. Too many people forget that the golden art of conversation involves asking questions on both sides, and sharing common findings.

6. I haven’t read a book in about five years. I keep trying to read Skippy Dies but have never gotten beyond Chapter 2.

7. I could happily live on pick ?n? mix for the rest of my life, without missing any other food. Instead, I try and focus on broccoli, berries, seeds, sushi, lean protein, and superfoods, but I’d far rather be eating pick ?n? mix all day, every day and when I can’t sleep, I try to list the varieties of sweets available on the pick ?n? mix cart in the Stephen’s Green Centre.

8. Until the age of 42, I could easily pull an all-nighter (and, quite possibly, a 28-year-old). I thoroughly enjoyed doing both but have no interest in doing either any longer. I must have grown up.

9. I gave up coffee for the whole of 2015, and it made precisely no difference to me, how I behaved or how I felt. I went back on it in January 2016 and pretty much immediately, the sciatica that hounded me for the year previously, diminished and then disappeared. Perhaps a coincidence, but I like to think it’s the anti-inflammatory effects of the brew.

10. My biggest goal for 2016 is to run a 10k in under 60 minutes (easily). I’m a long way from it right now, but when I can, I truly believe it will be the ultimate outward manifestation of a woman who’s totally gotten it together, and that life will be perfect.

* It’s okay, I’m not driving that car at the moment. The car I am driving is taxed.