WIN! A Brilliant Inc. Halo Float Necklace and Brilliant Classic Studs

Win a beautiful Brilliant Inc. Halo Float Necklace and Brilliant Classic Studs!

One very lucky will win a gorgeous necklace and get a head start on getting everything on their Christmas wish-list.

BRILLIANT Inc is a diamond lover's paradise. We specialise in fine jewellery sets with simulated diamonds - stunning in both price and beauty! Our gems are ethically grown in state of the art laboratories under precise conditions. Only the most perfect material is selected and expertly cut to ensure maximum brilliance and fire. Brilliant Gemstones are of unsurpassed quality and gemologists have agreed are the finest diamond simulants ever.

Our pieces are set in sterling silver and 9ct gold by master jewellery craftsmen, bringing to life our most beautiful designs.


41 Duke of York's, Sloane Square, London SW3 4LY, 020 7259 9555

For further information, please visit the website?

Exclusively available in Brown Thomas, Dublin and Galway.

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