#ShowUs: We are on the search for the next faces of Dove

What is your definition of beauty?

In the past, the media has failed to represent the broad spectrum that is female beauty. In fact, 70% of women still don't feel represented in media and advertising in 2019 while 67% of women say the pressure from media and advertising drives anxiety around appearance and beauty in general.

Struggling with body image is something every woman will experience in her life. The world we now live in is driven by the social media lifestyle and a perfection ideal which is unattainable. We are told by others what is beautiful through snapshots, which makes us question our own personal worth.

The fact of the matter is that all women are beautiful. Our scars, our marks, the wobbly bits, the parts we have or don't have and every other part of us is as exquisite as the other. These are the pieces of us. They tell our story and they show our strength.



Dove's new #ShowUs campaign wants to highlight all of this. The initiative is 100% powered by women, shows real diversity with true-to-life depictions and unfiltered, self-defined beauty. Dove, along with Girlgaze and Getty Images has created the world's largest stock photo library powered by women that will shatter beauty stereotypes all over the world.

The collection features more than 5,000 photographs of women from 39 countries and this number continues to grow. The collection unapologetically represents all beauty ideals, with every image being photographed by a diverse global community of women, non-binary, and female-identifying photographers. Women are having their say in how the media represents us and our bodies.

Be a Dove X IMAGE ambassador

And now you can be a part of it too. Dove wants to find Dove X IMAGE ambassadors who will be a part of this powerful and inspirational movement. The power is now in your hands by nominating yourself or another who has overcome hardship, burst through the traditional beauty stereotype and who is owning who they are on their terms. Someone who has embraced their natural beauty and is letting it shine. Whatever the size, shape, colour, whether there are scars or not, we want to see you.

The lucky winners will become part of Project #ShowUs. You will take part in a very special photoshoot which will be included in a nationwide campaign.

This is your chance to change the conversation.

Enter below.




Since launching our Campaign for Real Beauty in 2004, Dove has been challenging and redefining perceptions of beauty. With Project #ShowUs, Dove aims to do something at scale to make a tangible impact on women’s self-esteem. Project #ShowUs is not another Dove campaign. It’s a call-to-action and a solution for all media & advertisers to use. Together we can create a more inclusive vision of beauty for the world to see.


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