Does your business or company need a social media health check? Use our guide to find out

It's common practice these days to know how to write a status on Facebook, tweet and hashtag, post to Instagram and even record live snippets of your life and upload them to the internet. The internet and social media have become a new type of language and if not practised daily, it can be very easy to fall behind. This is largely because of the ferocious speed that technology changes and develops; meaning what you knew yesterday might not work today. And where money and profit is concerned, this can be crucial.

Facebook's recent algorithm change is one such example where companies and businesses alike have had to completely alter their posting behaviour in a bid to keep their online communities interested and engaged with their content. The 'new' way of posting to Facebook favours organic engagement, so your company will be penalised and pushed further down the feed if you're posting any spam-like content. What was engaging content a year ago is now background chatter; organic reach is becoming a challenge; Instagram is on the rise, while Snapchat's popularity is waning and the dominance of video is just beginning.

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If you've left any of these boxes unticked then you should consider joining us at our next Mentoring Workshop on Tuesday, June 22nd, at The Merrion Hotel, Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2. In a special one-hour workshop, attendees will have an intimate opportunity to learn from social media expert Lauren Murphy, Head of Social Media in the advertising agency goosebump. Lauren, who also lectures in social media at The Digital Marketing Institute, Trinity College Dublin and DIT, will explain the latest trends in social media and on key platforms.


"Whether you’re a small business owner managing your own social accounts or a brand manager working with an agency, I’m going to help you conduct your company's social media in a way that brings your business the most value", says Lauren, who has worked in a range of digital roles including digital marketing management and social media strategy. Hosted by Image contributing editor Melanie Morris, attendees will also get a grasp on finding the sweet spot of spending on social media as well as measuring ads effectively. "Finally, I’ll be giving tips on how to develop a social and content strategy that’s right for you. Each company is different in its own way and I can help you create an iron-tight strategy that will help social really bring value to your business", finishes Lauren.

If you're ready to take charge of your company's social media with confidence and finesse, then this Mentoring Masterclass if for you.


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