Watch: The Best And Worst Make-Up Moments In History

We're huge fans of leading make-up artist Lisa Eldridge. She was previously a creative director of make-up for Lanc'me, her YouTube channel is full of beauty tutorials which'should be any gal's first port of call before a?big night out, and she seriously knows her stuff; Lisa is a self-made success story, sticking to a winning authoritative voice on all things beauty that is instantly relatable (we'll always love this video).

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For all the above reasons, we love her latest informative beauty video. She has released the video in question to celebrate the launch of her first book, aka your beauty bible: Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, which guides us through the history of cosmetics, from their uses in the ancient world to the modern day. To celebrate its launch, the make-up artist and YouTube star takes us through 5000 years of make-up history in just over six minutes, and it makes for a brilliant watch.

Not only does Lisa visually demonstrate the look from each era (they have all been recreated to perfection), but you also get some brief history facts too. From the Egyptian cat-eye to Venetian Rouge, there's no beauty look she can't rock. Also, her narrative focuses on make-up's impact on female empowerment through history. Did you know that Elizabethan writers connected make-up to sin, so popularised an ethereal look instead? Or that silent films and female emancipation in the 1920s led to the rise of the smoky eye? Neither did we, until now. This is so much more than Halloween costume inspiration, but if you did need some, there's no better video.


Check out the full video below:

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