Vegan beauty buys that don't cost the earth: Three brands I've tried and tested

Vegan beauty is easier to access than ever, with so many brands going cruelty-free and vegan friendly. And you don't have to spend hundreds to make the swap...

It's not just a millennial thing - absolutely everyone and their mother is becoming more conscious when it comes to beauty buying.

Thankfully, more and more brands every day are following suit and changing their testing rules, adapting their sustainability and making positive moves to care for the planet as well as their customers' ever-changing beauty needs. Three brands that I think really nail it - and on a budget too - are the ones below.

Primark Beauty


Obviously I will never adapt to calling Penneys 'Primark' but either way, either name, their beauty range is extensive, budget-friendly and vegan and cruelty-free. I love the mascaras a lot but their brow gels and accessories are a regular buy from me.

vegan beauty

Wet N Wild

One of the biggest brands in the US, these products are surprisingly good (their playful packaging belies more sophisticated formulations) but I especially love their brush selection. They're super cheap, and for someone who loses eyeshadow brushes on the regular, replacing them doesn't feel like such a hardship. The Photofocus foundation is another gem - and I've found it surprisingly sweat-resistant. Don't ask.

vegan beauty

Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation

€6.99 from


Holos Skincare

They're Irish, they're plant-based and their products are are dream to use - they're not quite budget, but they're really well-priced for such effective skincare that's got so much good in it. My personal fave is the Love Your Skin Toner, which treats as well as balancing skin's pH.

vegan beauty

Holos Love your Skin Floral Toner

€15.20 from

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