Shopping fix: a smoothening, glow-giving complexion enhancer

Transform your tired face with Nars Tinted Glow Boosters.

It's January. After a month filled with excess, cheese and alcohol, you've decided to deprive yourself of everything you've ever enjoyed, and now you have to go back to work. It's all a bit disarming and miserable. We are all grey-faced, your next sun holiday is probably at least five months away and the possibility of affording another facial this side of payday after paying out for a gym membership you're already avoiding is very unlikely.

Meet Nars Tinted Glow Boosters, €39, launching January 9. As the name would suggest, it's here to boost your skin's glow. Light-catching coloured pearls in the formula give your skin radiance and pearly yellow and beige pigments give a non-ashy, golden shimmer and lustrous finish to your grey face. Your complexion is enhanced, with smoother skin, blurred imperfections and pores, plus jojoba elixir and gel in the formula give long-term, locked-in hydration to the skin that gives it a dewy, sheer luminosity.

I haven't even mentioned the best part. Nars Tinted Glow Boosters will extend the wear of your make-up for up to 16 hours, so whether you're sweating on the train to work or getting whiplash from the wind and rain as you wait for the bus, your dewy glow will stand firm.


Wear it on its own if you like a sheer, golden wash (no holographic shimmer here), mix a smidge into your foundation, press it into the highpoints of your face using your fingertips or slather it over your collarbone to give yourself a beachy sheen.

It's lightweight, layerable and immediately hydrating to boost your dry winter-ravaged skin, and comes in four shades that work on a range of skin tones; Kalvoya (light), Simos (medium), Tangsi (medium deep) and Barbuda (deep). You'll certainly look like you spent the winter break in the sunshine, even if you didn't venture outside for more than a chocolate orange until you had to come back to work this week.

Nars Tinted Glow Booster

Nars Tinted Glow Boosters, €39

Nars Tinted Glow Boosters are available from January 9. 

Digital illustration by Sophie Teyssier. 


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