New Make-Up Collection Alert: Step Into Spring With Chanel

It may seem like spring is a million light years away right now, but one look at the forthcoming LA-inspired collection from the beauty gurus at Chanel and you'll feel your cheeks begin to flush. Make-up addicts can expect a medley of peach, and hot pink, and the kind of hues you'd long forgotten about in the midst of a blustery winter.

Take a peek through the gallery for that much-needed touch of warmth. Available nationwide from January 29th.

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"The sun has barely risen over the bay, but a radiant glow already stretches over the distinctive architecture and greenery of Los Angeles. At the break of dawn, the sky lights up, the horizon is tinged with multiple shades, the ocean is saturated with pigments and the fa?ades of buildings sparkle with shimmering reflections? Every colour looks more vibrant and expressive in the exhilarating light of spring. For the COLLECTION L.A. SUNRISE, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio aimed to capture the flamboyant colours and overflowing energy of California mornings. The ribbons of the SUNKISS RIBBON exclusive creation intertwine in a palette of pinks, making cheeks blush with intense emotion. LES 4 OMBRES enlivens the eyes with striking glimmers. On the lips, light boldly explodes with the vibrant ROUGE COCO SHINE, inspired by the energy of a city that never stays in the shadows. The COLLECTION L.A. SUNRISE makes color and radiance its top priorities."


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