Mindful beauty: stress-relieving scents, muscle relaxing moisturiser and adaptogens

The best new launches in mindful beauty for making small selfcare moments for yourself. 

Mindful Beauty Stress-Busting Aromatherapy Mist, €9.99, mindfulbeauty.eu

A blend of balancing lemongrass, geranium and cedarwood, created by beautiful Irish brand Mindful Beauty who have a range of grounding products that are paraben, silicon and cruelty-free. I keep my mist desk-side for instant calming and to spray at colleagues who try to talk to me during press week.


Neom Organics Magnesium Body Butter, €46, Brown Thomas

Neom’s new body butters not only smooth the skin with shea butter and coconut oil but come with a mixture of 24 soothing essential oils that help ease anxiety, plus the magical muscle-relieving qualities of magnesium. It’s your new step to help you unwind, relax and feel content before bed.

Pukka Herbs Wholistic Ashwagandha, €12.95, nourish.ie

Adaptogens are edible herbs with mental and physical stress-reducing properties,  long used in Ayurvedic medicine, that restore (or adapt) the body to it’s normal physiologic function in any environment. Ashwagandha is the adaptogen currently getting the most hype. It relaxes the nervous system, relieves anxiety and brings inner calm, however, it tastes terrible, so now you can get all the benefits minus the taste in these handy capsules.

Melinera Illuminated Salt Crystal Ball Lamp, €19.99, Lidl


As part of Lidl's Autism Friendly Quiet Evenings, where stores have made sensory adjustments like reduced lighting, lower till sounds and no-instore announcements, they've also released five sensory stimulating products. This lamp, handmade from solid salt crystal has four massage spheres that are heated through the salt lamp and can be used to massage your hands, feet, neck or back.

IMAGE Beauty Festival

Join us for an unforgettable weekend of beauty in the heart of the Irish capital! Tickets for IMAGE Beauty Festival are available now. We look forward to seeing you there on May 25-26.


beauty festival

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