Low Buns: The Hairstyle We Love

Low buns are the definition of chic. Buns are such a versatile hairstyle, but keeping them just nestled above your neck gives them a sophisticated touch. They are fabulous for taking your outfits from day-time wearability to evening glory. You can have your hair slicked back and perfectly contained into the little bun or have loose hair around your face for a more relaxed Sunday brunch look, you'll be able to make anything happen with the wonderful low bun.

As well as being totally glamorous, the low bun is a fabulous hair style to fight the humidity and rain, which we have been getting a little too much of this summer. Pro tip: hair styles better when it hasn't just been washed, so this is your perfect excuse for those days when you don't feel like a?hair washing ritual.

We have rounded up our favourite low buns from the catwalks for you to get some inspiration and spice up your updo.

Nina Ricci bty S15 029


Nina Ricci's low bun was all over her catwalk. Think of a ballerina's style, slick and contained. This goes perfectly with quirky and colourful cocktail dresses and will keep the focus on your gorgeous outfit and your beautiful face.

Miyake bty S15 009

This beautiful Issey Miyake style says two things at once. The slicked back and perfectly groomed front is utter perfect professionalism, while the light and slightly messy bun is a hint at sexy and scruffy femininity. A bit of back combing, some gel, and you're all set.

Dolce e Gabb bty S15 010
We love this Dolce & Gabanna style, simply adding in a gorgeous hair clip lifts the whole look and makes it a little more exciting.

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