The Latest Insta Hair Craze Is One For The Brunettes

Have you explored?the mermaid hair and the millennial pink trends? Is?lavender hair or pearlescent too ho hum for you?

You need to take a peek at the latest?locks to sweep the 'gram. The #rosegoldhair is a wealth of inspiration for brunettes.

Rose gold has been a popular fave in terms of accessories and interiors for the last few years and now it is appearing on stylish heads all over social media.

It's a popular choice for brunettes who may not want to go down the drastic road of some of the pastel?trends that have been all the rage of late. The rose gold look is a subtle, slightly more grown up take on the recent hair dying bonanza.


That #rosegoldhair is still this girls favorite! And mine too! Loved seeing you as always Kinsey

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Check out this tutorial here.


Photo by?Yoann Boyer?on?Unsplash

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