Jennifer Aniston Launches New Perfume

For women who long to look, smell or channel some element of Jennifer Aniston into their beauty routine, she's just made it easy for you. The actress with whom we've become most obsessed has come across with her third perfume, complete with questionable advertisement imagery of her lying on a beach. While the ad leaves a Kardashian-esque taste in the mouth (but hey, we're pro-Kardashian in here), the fragrance promises to be a big hit, capitalising on the current popularity of all things coconut related. Near Dusk is described as ?a heady mix of jasmine, peony, musk and white amber with bright top notes that feature nectarine, sweet pink pepper and coconut water.?

Jennifer aniston

Speaking to E! News on the processes involved in creating your own fragrance, Aniston says: "When creating my fragrances, I start by smelling almost every note I can get my hands on in the lab, from different flowers to leather belts. Once I've created something I like, I give it a test run for a few months. I find it really interesting, seeing how different notes are expressed as the day goes on. I always ask my friends and family feedback."


We've never been particularly blown away by any celebrity perfumes, unless they've teamed up with a reputable brand who do most of the hard work for them. Though we still think of celebrity perfumes as a little bit twee, and the most obvious of revenue streams, their popularity hasn't waned. Jennifer Lopez's Glow continues to sell worldwide, and, sadly, there will always be a market for Britney Spears' growing collection of scents. From Fantasy, to Hidden Fantasy, and even Midnight Fantasy, Brit knows how to make her pocket money.

Do you have a favourite celebrity perfume?

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