Handcreams that'll keep your hands super soft for longer

Handcreams, handcreams everywhere! We're doing a lot of hand washing and sanitising lately (haven't we always?) and so having them everywhere will keep your hands from getting dry...

There's nothing more uncomfortable than dry hands. And in this, the year of one of the biggest virus outbreaks we've ever seen, repetitive washing is a total necessity. So it's helpful to have a handcream, excuse the pun, handy. One in your car, bag, at your desk and by your sinks.

It's worth noting that not all handcreams were created equally. Some I've tried have balled on my hands, smelled too strong or have taken way too long to soak in. These ones are tried and tested and bought over and over again.

Always wash your hands properly, too – there are lots of videos going viral at the moment about how best to do it. Watch, learn and wash properly.


The Instagrammable One

Who wouldn't want something as gorgeous as this on their bathroom shelf or bedside locker? It's super hydrating and not at all greasy.


Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

The Brilliant Budget One

There's so much to love about Cerave, and this repairing hand cream is one of them. At less than €7, these are great to have around.



Cerave Reparative Hand Cream

€6.95 from lookfantastic.com

The Anti-age One

This one is my night time hand cream. I love the mild scent, the long-lasting effect and the fact that I can use my phone again after about 20 seconds.


The Luxury One


Chanel's La Crème Main are always the most stunning hand creams – and that's before you take into account the beautifully designed egg-shaped bottle. This is the handbag one, for me, so I'm all fancy when I use it on the go.handcreams

Chanel Le Lift Replenishing Hand Cream

€65 from brownthomas.com

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