Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Ways To Avoid Unwanted Hair Loss

Hair loss, at any age, can have a powerful impact on a person's physical and mental wellbeing - particularly?for women. The most common cause of hair loss in females is linked to a hereditary condition and can cause spot-baldness and receding hairlines. However, many other factors such as stress, our environment, and even the products we use, can kickstart a difficult hair loss problem from a young age. Here are five easy life adjustments you can make to help ignite your hairs' health.

Clean Your Environment

Factors like sun damage and pollution can have a terrible effect on hair's appearance and strength. If you spend a lot of time outdoors it may be necessary to take yourself away from pollutants like cigarette smoke, where possible, as carcinogens like this can cause damage to hair follicles and can cause an itchy and scaly scalp, and can even lead to?alopecia. Applying a good-quality repair mask to your hair once a week can undo pollutant damage while restoring your hair's strength and a healthy shine. We recommend using the System Professional Repair Mask which is available in most salons around Dublin and retails around €21.




Know Your Tools

When we brush our own hair we often apply far more force?than, say, if a hairdresser were brushing it. By roughly brushing through knotted hair your hair weakens and breaks. Granted, you won't develop a bald patch then and there, but it weakens the overall condition of your hair and the more you do it, the more hair you'll find in your brush than on your hair. The Wella Professional Studio in Chancery Lane, Dublin 8, recommends using a wide-toothed comb, instead of a wide or rounded brush, to best tackle stubborn knots as it minimises the amount of damage to the hair.

Clean Your Mind

Emotional and physical stress can cause unwanted hair loss which can last for months at a time. There are three types of hair loss conditions linked to stress-related hair loss?Telogen effluvium - which stops the hair from growing for up to several months,?Alopecia areata - an immune-related disorder that causes spots of hair to fall out (also known as spot baldness), and Trichotillomania - a stress-related condition which causes you to pull your own hair out as a coping mechanism to conditions like stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness. while there is no easy solution to dealing with stress, the first thing you can do is familiarise yourself with whatever is causing you stress?and?find ways to minimise it. Practising mindfulness is an excellent way to improve your mental and physical wellbeing and is a great way regain order in your life.

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Adjust Your Diet

Lack of protein may cause your body to react by shutting down your hair and nail growth, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, and can happen about 2-3 months after a drop in protein. Fish, lean meat, eggs, and green vegetables are great sources of protein. If you're vegetarian, quinoa, green peas, chia seeds, and edamame contain high levels of protein.

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