From The Experts: How To Do A Brilliant Blow-Dry

  • by IMAGE

We all know you can't beat your hairdresser for a perfect blow-dry, but what if you have no time, or no choice? Multi-award-winning hairdresser Paul Hession shares his six steps to a successful DIY dry.

1.? Make sure the hair is conditioned properly and rinsed well.

2.? Towel dry hair gently and apply styling product from roots to tips. I love K?rastase Forme Fatale Voluptuous Blow Dry Gel.


?K?rastase Forme Fatale Voluptuous Blow Dry Gel

3.? Flip your head upside down and shake hair out to get maximum volume. Blow-dry hair until it's about 90 per cent dry.

4.? Then, use a large, round brush to finish it off and smooth hair out.

5.? Once hair is dry, it's time to get out the curling wand to add some more body. Split hair into sections and working from the back to ?the front of your head, wrap each section around the wand to create a loose curl. If you have time, pinning each curled section and leaving to cool will make your bouncy blow-dry last longer.

6.?Once you've finished all sections, turn your head upside down again, loosely shake the hair and spritz with a dry shampoo - I recommend the K?rastase VIP Volume in Powder ? for extra volume. You should be left with a gorgeous beachy boho summer blow-dry.


Never put mousse in dry hair! It just doesn't work, and you'll end up needing to wash your hair all over again. Also, make sure your hair is 100 per cent dry before using a curling tongs. Not only will the curls not hold, but you'll damage your hair and only add more frizz.


This article originally appeared in the July issue of IMAGE magazine.

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