Why Glossier is THE brand for millennials

Has there ever been a brand more on the millennial pulse than Glossier? Not only does it have some of the most Instagram worthy packagings out there, but it also has a sense of humour. Unlike some makeup powerhouses in the industry, Glossier manages to be both funny and deliver quality products (I now can no longer live without Haloscope) in a non-traditional way.

With such a young founder, Emily Weiss behind the wheel, whose success began with a career at Vogue before launching the popular blog Into the Gloss, Glossier was always going to do well. What the brand shows us is, that not only do you need products that work, but now we want a brand that has personality too. With so many options out there to choose from, we need a little more than just a good lip balm, we want a brand we believe in.

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With millennial pink packaging, it already looked the part but it's Glossier's customer service (dubbed the gTeam) that has won it such a devoted fan base. High engagement on Twitter as well as frequently re-sharing customer images and tweets across social media has created a strong relationship with customers. Ideas and innovative ways of using products are recognised and celebrated across their channels, making the consumer feel involved. Ultimately it's because the company know that their customer's interactions online are what really help to sell their products.

Here are just some examples of why Glossier literally are the bomb-dot-com;


I wanted to write this piece because a friend of mine came home recently to find her dog Bailey had chewed up her Glossier Boy Brow, a modern day tragedy. After my friend tweeted this (like any millennial worth their salt) Glossier responded by giving her €5 off her next Boy Brow purchase! Only a brand that re-tweets memes would be able to relate make-up and dogs in such a way, and they do this without customer service scripts and by just by having warm and personalised conversations with customers.


It's not just reimbursing people for their destructive dogs that people love about the brand, but also how they love any original ways in which their products are used. One, in particular, is the brainwave of hole punching the top of a Balm-Dot-Com so it could attach to keys. They re-tweeted it, and had thousands of responses of others doing the same (myself included).

Possibly the most shared image of all is pictures of sunsets online tagged as 'Glossier sunsets'. They mirror the colours and textures of their famous Cloud Paint blushers, thus resulting in them creating a billboard-sized ad of a 'Glossier sunset' taking inspiration from their customers Instagram feeds, you can't get more engaged with your audience than that can you?


With the brand's popularity showing no signs of slowing down, we really hope they can keep this unique and friendly voice, as this is partly what makes them feel so modern and of the moment. But in the meantime do try and keep your fluffy friends away from your boy brow, ok?

Header Image: Glossier.com

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