The tan that works in just nine minutes

From overnight sleeping to one hour development, tan has seen some innovation over the years. Now we're down to just nine minutes. I didn't think it was possible, but then I gave it a go and was, indeed, hastily bronzed.

Some of my favourite tans are those that don't require a big-time commitment from me.

I love Cocoa Brown because it develops fast and looks natural. I love He-Shi One Day Tan because it goes on instantly and dries fast and I love James Read because you don't actually have to be careful at all when applying, it doesn't ever streak or go on funny.

But really? Nine minutes?


The first thing I loved about this was the nine minutes. I like the bravery.

B-Tan Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Pre-Shower 9 Minute Tan, €10.95

Then I tried it.

You apply the mousse as you would any tan. You flail around for a little bit, maybe watch a few minutes of Netflix, brush your teeth (careful - water!) or apply a face mask. Then, hop into the shower, rinse, and pat yourself dry. You will be tanned.

I had doubts. Don't get me wrong, the colour you're left with after nine minutes isn't like when Ross goes to the tanning place and accidentally gets turned mahogany - but that's probably not the look you're after. I wanted a light, healthy-looking glow and evenness to my skin, and that's what I got. I'd imagine, left on longer, the glow would deepen somewhat, but I can't say I've tried. They said nine minutes, and nine minutes I gave it.

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans. 


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