Five scalp scrubs for product build-up

It's that time of year where my extensions come out, when I can run my hands through my hair without my fingers getting stuck and scrub right into my scalp. That first hair wash post-extensions is long anticipated and I had built up a selection of products to leave my scalp squeaky clean.

Healthy hair starts at the root, so a healthy scalp means healthy hair. Your scalp is just more of your face. Your scalp is just more of your face! When a hairdresser said that to me for the first time, I repeated it back to them slowly like it was the meaning of life. Your scalp is just more of your face - it needs cleaning too. Imagine you sprayed a hunk of dry shampoo into your dirty face, then rubbed layers of texturising foam on top of it, then added a gloopy styling gel then misted on hairspray to hold it all down. Then left your face unwashed for three days. I'm gagging.

The following four products left my head so clean, it felt like it was breathing. If you're fond of dry shampoo or feel like your hair and head need a good cleanse, try any of these out. And remember - your scalp is just more of your face!

Aveda Pramasana Scalp Renewal Concentrate, €44


Part your clean hair into sections all around your scalp and apply the concentrate directly into your parting with the dropper. Massage it in - it will get nice and foamy -  and don't rinse it out! This will balance your scalp's sebum levels and preseve its natural barrier, created with a blend of seaweed extract, lactobacillus – a patented ferment that helps preserve the scalp’s natural protective barrier - and tamanu oil, which protects the scalp from pollution and free radicals.

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& Other Stories Restore Scalp Scrub, €15

This is the best for scrubbing, thanks to the gritty salt and sugar ingredients, which are blended with vegetable keratin and coconut. The salt and sugar dissolve in water, so they aren't damaging to the scalp and you won't be picking bits of scrub out of your hair, but you will feel like your head has been exfoliated, which is exactly what I wanted. Apply in the shower - don't worry, it leaves no residue - and lather it up.

Kérastase Serum Extentioniste Scalp and Hair Serum, €50, available from salons nationwide


This is an advanced scalp and hair serum that restores the cuticule of the hair to protect hair as it grows. Part your hair into sections and apply 3 drops along the scalp as if you were drawing cornrows onto your head. Work the serum into the scalp - no need to rinse this one out either.

Espa Pink Hair and Scalp Mud, €49, available at and ESPA spas 

If you have dry, weak, heat damaged or chemically treated hair, this is the one for you. Massage it into to damp hair and leave for 20 minutes or leave it overnight if you're looking for extra scalp nourishment. This pretty pink scalp mud will help promote hair growth thanks to mineral-rich red clay that boosts growth and strengthens the hair while apricot kernel oil soothes and nourishes the scalp. It smells delicious and citrusy too, thanks to a blend of bergamot, rose, vetiver and vanilla. 

Herbivore Cake Restorative Scalp Tonic, €62, available at Space NK

Another leave-in here, CAKE protects and soothes the scalp while promoting hair growth. Apply it to your wet head - clean or dirty, it doesn't matter, and leave it in. Another delectable scent too, with rose, frankincense, bourbon, vanilla, sandalwood, ylang ylang and patchouli.


Photography by & Other Stories. 

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