Damaged hair? You'll love this new Joico treatment

Damaged hair is something we're all likely to experience at some point - constant heat styling, colouring and environmental elements mean almost inevitable hair suffering. This treatment will give your hair a serious health boost...

I'm still on the long road to hair repair, and while my ever-present Nioxin shampoo and conditioner are helping, as well as cutting back on colour (bleach!) and avoiding styling where possible, I do need the occasional in-salon treatment to speed the process along.

Joico is a brand I quite like (I'm a long-time devotee of their Hair Shake and most recently, Body Shake) and so when I saw they'd a new Defy Damage in-salon treatment available to accompany their home care range, I gave it a go.

damaged hair


Damaged hair, sorted

What happened in salon (I went into Gillian in the Gillian Edgeworth Salon in Temple Bar) is a two-step treatment. The first step of the treatment is a bond-protecting colour optimiser spray that is applied to dry hair before colour or anything goes on.

The second step of the treatment is a bond strengthening colour treatment. It works with any hair colour to strengthen and replenish bonds and hydrate the hair. The two steps combined give powerful damage protection from chemical processing.

The things you'll notice after you have it done:

  • Straight away your hair feels softer
  • An even lift with your colour
  • Bond renewal and strengthening
  • Even porosity meaning a better colour deposit
  • Increased shine

My hair felt smooth, looked shiny and felt completely weightless. I wasn't sure I'd be able to recreate that feeling at home with the Defy Damage shampoo and conditioner, but thankfully I could.

How I ended up with a midi-bob


While I was in with Gillian (who, as an aside, instantly I felt I could trust with my hair/life) she recommended a good chop to get rid of the thin, broken and split-end-covered hair. So twenty minutes and five inches later, my hair looked thick as well as feeling soft and shiny. I got so many compliments and now, five washes later, I'm still seeing the results of the treatment.

To get a price for the treatment, contact your nearest Joico salon.

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