This Budget-Friendly Product Will Make Your Skin Glow

Every office has that one person who always glides to and from the printer looking impossibly fresh-faced and glowy. They very nicely wave away your compliments, insisting they "rolled out of bed" and threw themselves together. And you - or, in this case, me - sitting bleary-eyed at the computer know you will never be one of those women. The women who literally?wake up like that, looking put together and fabulous without minimal effort. I need all the help I can get when it comes to trying to look good, so when I spotted this vitamin C-infused?product from Soap & Glory that promised me a radiant'skin in a bottle, I was intrigued.

Soap & Glory's Bright and Pearly Radiance?Boosting Cocktail (?18) is your answer to all your lacklustre skin problems because?it contains Pomegranate Superfruit - a renowned antioxidant, vitamins A, E and a triple dose of Vitamin?C to super-nourish the face alongside botanical extracts. As we know,?vitamin?C is what your skin needs if it is to be restored to its glorious self. ?It's been infused in products for years and can brighten smooth and firm skin. Used daily my Vitamin?C products have made a startling difference, and this gem of a product is also one I use every second day.


You simply press the pump to burst the pearls and smooth the light-reflecting'serum onto your face. I find it's best used over a moisturiser if you're going without makeup and mixed with foundation to really get a dewy, glowy sheen on the skin. It's one of those instant-pick-me-up products (in other words, ideal for your holiday suitcase), or if you have an event on and you need to see a difference straight away, this is the product to keep?in your handbag. It's non-greasy, with a light, pleasant fragrance and leaves skin extra soft as well.

Soap & Glory's Bright and Pearly Radiance?Boosting Cocktail is exclusively available at Boots?and

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