Body Block: 3 Self-Tans We Love

Mind your back - and your face, and your body, and all those little crevices like under your arms and between your toes, once the sun comes out - it's time to get smart. Once upon a time, sun care was thick, white, syrupy stuff that was endured. Things have changed, big time. Now, staying safe has more than UV protection benefits; products also enhance, tint, blur, mask and glow, while formulas have become feather-light and invisible. Here's the cream of 2016's crop ?


Why bake under the sun when technology offers a tanning solution for whatever your whim? Self-tans are no longer the smelly, streaky, sheet-staining formulas of old that take hours to ?cook?. Choose to wash, spray or massage on, then opt for instant, fast or overnight developers. There are tanning drops that can be added to your skincare, where you choose the strength of colour, and for the more fickle, instant tans that can be washed off, but that grip to the skin effectively without budging.

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Our Favourites...


1. Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines, €26

A fun, smart, wash-off tan with smart sponge applicator in the lid - super body make-up under strappy, summer clothes.

2. St Tropez Gradual Tan?In Shower Lotion, €19.99

A gamechanger that can be applied in the shower, washed off within three minutes, and left to develop while life goes on.

3. Lanc'me Flash Bronzer?Self-Tanning Leg Gel, €29.50

Tinted with shimmering particles, this works on more than the leg area for instant bronzing, while a longer-term tan develops underneath.

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