A Revolutionary New Eye Make-Up: Giorgio Armani Eye Tint

There's a new kind of eye make-up in town and, having tried it, we reckon it's definitely worthy of your attention. From one of the world's slickest designers, we give you Giorgio Armani?Eye Tint. Though it might look like a file of lipgloss, it's actually for your peepers, you see, complete with an easy-application wand.

This fluid eye shadow was born backstage with Armani, as a runway-ready option for their models. Touted as a technological innovation in beauty, the 12-part collection is inspired by the best-selling Maestro Fusion Make-Up, and harnesses a unique water/pigment suspension which evenly disperses the finest pearl particles across your eyelids to deliver intense colour, a unique blend-able texture and that highly sought after 'no make-up' feel.

Above all else, what you want with your eye make-up is strong pigment. There's no use tinkering around with lovely shades if they don't give you long-lasting, deep colour. And that's exactly what you get with this. What's also really special about these wands is that on application, they turn from liquid to solid, leaving a smooth, silky and even film without unwanted stickiness. The last thing you want with cream-based shadow is for it to slip and slide and feel like you've vaseline-d your face.

What's more, the Eye Tint promises to stay in place for more than 16 hours, leaving you smudge and crease free for good measure.

We've tried both 'Shadow' (a gorgeous blend of mink, grey and mauve), number 7 and 'Rose Ashes', number 11 (a blend of rose, copper and taupe) and were more than pleased.


The purity of a powder, the staying power of a stain and the feel of a cream. Consider yourselves informed.

?32 euro a pop and well spent, especially for those who find eye make-up tricky.

Available exclusively at Brown Thomas from the end of March.

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