5 Foundations Perfect For Spring

January is officially dead and gone - rejoice! Although it doesn't feel like spring is technically here, it is, so we're determined to stay optimistic and look to the warmer days of the future. SS16 has officially kicked off, and that means one thing: it's time to clear out our beauty bags and revamp our look for the new season. We're starting at the base - the foundation. It's time to confine that thick winter foundation to the back of the press and let your skin breathe again; a dewy and natural look is what you're aiming for. If you still require more coverage, resist the urge to add another layer and opt for a concealer?instead. We've chosen five foundations to get you started:

1. Chanel Vitalumie're Aqua, €40


This ultra-light formula glides onto the skin effortlessly and brings a gentle warmth to the complexion - perfect for spring. It's water-based so it will hydrate the skin without leaving you with an oily finish. The colour ranges are good (Rose Beige (12) for the paler tones) but some are more yellow-based than others, so get tested before you buy.

2. MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation, €36. 50



Similar to Chanel, this one water-based and feels virtually weightless on the skin. This one promises dewy, medium coverage but that's stretching it slightly as I found this one to offer less coverage than the Chanel though it would be ideal for a holiday. It has what's called a 'Moisture-Fusion Complex' to give you all-day hydration and for such a light foundation, I was impressed that it lasted the bulk of the day. The quirky dropper is also great as you only use what's needed.

3. YSL Le Teint Touche ?clat Foundation in BR10, €40

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This lightweight fluid is the business. If you're looking for a foundation that works completely in tandem with your skin with buildable coverage, here it is. Its unique perfecting texture evens the complexion and helps conceal imperfections, all while looking completely natural. It's more moisturising than the two above and offers heavier coverage so this is the option to go for if you feel you're not quite ready for the barely-there look.

4. L?Ore?al Paris True Match Foundation, €15.39



This one is budget-friendly and has an incredible variety of shades so that means it's a winner. It blends for an invisible, complexion-perfecting performance though it's not quite as moisturising as the choices above.

5. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, €10.99


After trying this only recently, I was highly impressed considering the price. It has a light, moisturising texture that goes on smoothly and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable all day. You get a natural-looking finish and as it contains teeny, tiny brightening pigments to illuminate the skin, you're left looking glowingly healthy. Another budget option worth the buy.

Do you have a favorrite we haven't included in our top five?

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