4 Affordable Summer Fragrances You'll Adore

Ah, the sun is shining (here's hoping saying that won't jinx us), there's an air of frivolity about the place and our sense are titillated by a range of summery scents. Time to park your heavy, musky, wintery fragrance in favour of something lighter?

There's been a few new perfumes pleasing our noses of late and we think you'll like them too.

Starting at the most affordable end of the scale, we're really impressed with The Body Shop's latest offering; Italian Summer Fig. It's not at all the tornado of floral notes you'd expect from a typically 'summery' scent; it's elegant, classy and there's nothing better than a wave of fresh figs, coupled with green leaves and comforting woods. All you need now is a one-way flight to the sun-drenched Puglia and all will be right with the world. €29.95


New from Bottega Veneta, your yearning for florals are satisfied without the accompanying headache. Knot Eau Florale is the continuation of the collaboration between Tomas Maier and master perfumer Daniela Andrier. A delicate floral expression of the Knot fragrance, Knot Eau Florale features amplified notes of Rose and Peony layered with the softness of musk. The Mediterranean soul of the scent continues to radiate through notes of mandarin, neroli and lavender, underscored by the earthiness of cedarwood and tonka beans. The combination of these rare materials is what gives Knot Eau Florale its unforgettable nature. ?I wanted the fragrance to capture an awakening of the senses though an escape to the garden,? says Maier. ?It is these quiet moments of respite that I believe are the ultimate luxury,? €68.60



Chloe's new scent - Chloe, Eau De Toilette - is guaranteed to strike a chord with fans of its predecessors. Perfectly capturing the essence of summer, their latest scent delivers the most delicate, hand-picked flourish of white roses. Perfumer Michel Almairac (Robertet) - who created Chlo? Eau De Parfum and its ensuing variations - has dreamed up this fresh, musky, floral Eau De Toilette. Rose absolute is the center of attention in this composition, around which its creators have imagined a special bouquet. Like florists, they added bergamot to pique our curiosity. Then, an accord of magnolia mixed with gardenia, a fresh aroma with a subtle hint of lemon, curls around the white rose rosebuds. In a word, the dream. €53.30


Lastly, for the bottle alone, we can't imagine anything more perfect for this time of year than Marc Jacobs' latest offering, Daisy Dream Forever Eau De Parfum. Capitalising on the undisputed ingredient of the moment, coconut water features prominently here, mixed perfectly with top notes of blackberry, grapefruit and pear, mid notes of jasmine, lychee, and blue wisteria, and a hearty base of white wood, musk and that aforementioned coconut water. €74.90

Last week we wrote about Miu Miu's debut fragrance, but if you missed it fear not, you'll find it over yonder.

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