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WATCH: Royal children have some questions for David Attenborough

by Jennifer McShane
06th Oct 2020

In a world where we absolutely need a respite from all things COVID-19/President Trump-related, this delightful video of three adorable royal children asking Sir David Attenborough questions about animals and the environment is a much-needed tonic 

It seems almost strange to want to latch onto anything trivial during a pandemic, but it could be argued that the trivial, simpler moments in life are getting us through this year of Covid-19. Baking (or rather, the Bake Off), Zoom calls… cute royal kids? Yep, they fall into this bracket.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have spoken on camera for the first time in a newly released video.

The three youngest members of the Cambridge family star in a new short video with David Attenborough (who else?), in which they’re seen each asking questions to the legendary broadcaster.

Prince George goes first, opening the video with: “Hello David Attenborough! Which animal do you think will become extinct next?”

Naturally, he says that he hopes that no more animals will become extinct, and explaining that endangered species can be protected and saved “if you want to and your put your mind to it”. He explains 40 years ago, he was with a group of mountain gorillas in the centre of Africa, and how, at the time, there were only 250 of them left in the world. Now, there are over one thousand of them.

Next up is Princess Charlotte, who reveals that she has a fondness for spiders. “Do you like spiders too?” she asks, to which he replies a resounding yes and ponders our fear of them, leaving it down to their ability to move in any direction as the reason for them unnerving people. And, much like an infamous book with a certain spider named Charlotte, he suggests the princess try to watch a spider weave a web.

Not to be left out, Prince Louis is next, and his mispronunciation of the word ‘animal’ is all kinds of cute.

You can watch the video below as a happy reminder that little ones are at least as far removed from this virus as they can be – and that we still have legends like David Attenborough trying to make the world a better place:


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