This Year’s Most Fashionable Christmas Adverts

For many people, the John Lewis ad is the height of Christmas TV advert season (although we reckon we prefer the Supervalu one this year) but sometimes you want something that isn’t sticky with sentimentality.

ICYMI: Mulberry 2014 Christmas Advert – #WinChristmas

Fashion houses and department stores have taken a less serious approach to their festive offerings this year – whether it’s the snarky Harvey Nichols #Giftface advert, watching Elton John bounce around in a room full of glitter in Burberry or Mulberry comparing their Bayswater to the birth of Jesus, they’re all fun and funny with the odd covetable product thrown in there (ahem*Dolce & Gabbana brooch).

Check them out for yourself:

Michael Kors







Net-A-Porter & Mr. Porter


Brown Thomas Marvel Room



Kate Spade



… We’re still trying to work out how Naomi Campbell managed to look so put together while bouncing on her trampoline, there’s not a single out-of-place hair on her head! Suppose that’s why she’s Naomi Campbell…

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